Help Stations

The safety of the PLU community is always our highest priority. Part of this commitment is ensuring that community members are always able to easily call for help if they feel unsafe. There are numerous help stations throughout the PLU campus. This includes yellow box phones and Metis Secure help stations, both inside and outside of buildings. Most telephones on campus also have an orange label displaying the emergency and non-emergency numbers for Campus Safety.

If you feel unsafe at any time, there are a variety of methods you can use to contact Campus Safety:

  • Press the large help button on any campus help station or yellow box phone
  • Dial 253-535-7911 from your mobile phone
  • Dial x7911 from a campus landline
  • Use the PLU Campus Safety App

There  will connect you directly with a Campus Safety dispatcher and alert others nearby. In an emergency, Campus Safety Officers or Pierce County Sheriff Deputies will quickly respond to your location to help.

The newest Metis Secure help stations on campus also serve as automatic annunciators for the PLU Alert! emergency alert system. In the event of a campus-wide emergency, the help stations will provide visual and audible alerts with emergency information and instructions.

PLU Emergency Call Stations

Blue Phone Poles

There are a number of blue phone poles in campus parking lots and around the campus grounds. These devices are now over 25 years old and are being phased out for upgraded hardware. For more information on our upcoming blue phone removal project, please go to this page.

PLU Outside Blue Emergency Phone