PLU Response to Creepy Clowns

Alert Type: Information

Start Time: Oct 7, 2016 @ 1:18pm

End Time: Undetermined

Status: OK

This information is meant to inform the campus community about PLU’s response to Creepy Clown incidents.
While PLU has not had any incidents related to this current issue, incidents have occurred in the region and the topic is present in local news and social media.

Dressing like a creepy clown is not a criminal offense. However, this
presence does create a sense of fear and alarm for many
people. If one was to appear on campus the Campus Safety department would treat this like any other suspicious activity. As a private institution we have the right to ask anyone to leave the campus property. In these cases we feel that the presence of a creepy clown would cause alarm and disrupt the campus community. Therefore, the person would be contacted by Campus Safety and asked to leave immediately.

If the person’s actions are criminal in nature (i.e., threatening or trespassing) the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department would be called for assistance.

Remember that Campus Safety is available 24/7. If you don’t feel comfortable walking on campus just call for an escort. If you live off campus within our escort perimeter you can call for a driven escort between 4 PM and 3 AM daily.

We ask that community members refrain from spreading rumors about clown sightings and avoid the topic on social media as much as possible. PLU takes threats to the campus seriously. Any perceived threat will be investigated and criminal charges will be sought when deemed appropriate.

Please contact Campus Safety (253/535-7441 or with questions or concerns.