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Lute Link FAQ

How will my contact information be shared with students?

Advisors contact information will not be visible to students or other alumni who search the Lute Link Career Advisor Network. If someone finds your record through searching the database and would like to contact you, they must do so through the system. They will not see your email address unless you respond to them. Your phone and street address will not be visible; however, students and alumni will be able to see your city, state, and country in their search results.
If you would rather that information be hidden we can hide it for you, just email us at alumni@plu.edu to let us know.

What is the time commitment of being a Lute Link Career Advisor?

Once you have registered your profile will be live year round. The system is programmed to allow no more than three contacts a month. However, this is not a guarantee that you will have any contact each month. Once someone contacts you, it is up to you how involved you would like to become. It may be as little as answering a question through email or chatting over the phone, or as involved as meeting in person multiple times. If you would like to change the maximum amount of times you can be contacted a month, please email alumni@plu.edu.

How do I update my Lute Link Career Advisor profile?

Your alumni record drives your profile. If your contact information changes or you change jobs you can fill out the information update form on the Alumni website and those changes will be reflected in your profile. If you would like to change the topics you are willing to discuss or the opportunities you are willing to offer, email alumni@plu.edu.

I am not currently employed, but am in graduate school. Is my experience also valuable to the Lute Link program?

Yes! We consider graduate school a part of someone’s career path and it is the next step for a lot of our students and alumni. While you may not have direct job experience you have a wealth of experiences to share like going through the decision process to attend graduate school, the application process, and succeeding at the graduate level. Your insights will be valuable to many PLU students and alumni.