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How can I support from the sidelines?

Your student has just left for college, but doesn’t seem to have a clue of what major they will declare, or what career path they might wish to follow.  First, take a deep breath, and don’t panic! Finding their passion and choosing a career is a search all students need to go through, and you are vital to this journey.

Whether your son or daughter is a first-year student, or will graduate next year, here are some tips to help:

  • For first-year students and sophomores, encourage them to explore different majors and careers.  They can try an interest assessment, research career fields, take classes that interest them and try out various career paths through volunteering, summer jobs and job shadowing.
  • At each stage in their college career, encourage them to participate in professional development events and applied work experiences. Career fairs, networking events and the MBA speaker series can expose your student to a new world of possibilities. An internship can provide a different sort of classroom for expanding your son’s or daughter’s learning.  An internship will help your student explore and test hunches about a career field while building a resume and launching his or her career.
  • Embrace the use of technology to help your student develop a professional network. The web contains a wealth of career information. In addition, employers value technology skills. Encourage them to join LinkedIn and other social network groups that will connect your student to professionals, mentors and advisors.
  • Encourage them to continue to do well academically.
  • Most of all, encourage them to follow their passion and establish a meaningful career.

Career Connections helps pave the way for students to travel their educational and career path with greater ease, support and success.  Encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of the many tools PLU offers to help students discover their career aspirations and bring them to life!