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Recruiting and Posting Guidelines

Recruiting & Posting Guidelines

Expectations of Employers

Pacific Lutheran University is, as the National Association for Colleges and Employers has stated, “involved in an important process – helping students choose and attain personally rewarding careers.” We seek to abide by the “Principles for Professional Practice for Career Services & Employment Professionals” established by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE). We expect that you, as a employer recruiting partner will do the same. The “Principles” are contained in a booklet which may be obtained by calling the NACE at (800) 544-5272, extension 17.

Equal Opportunity Employment Statement

Pacific Lutheran University hereby affirms equal opportunity in hiring practices. Offers of employment by participating employers are expected to be made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status or age, veteran status or disability, as well as other classifications protected by applicable state or local laws. Religious organizations are expected to comply with the guidelines established in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Employers are expected to adhere to the same practices in their recruiting and operations.

Anti-Harassment Statement

Pacific Lutheran University hereby sets forth the expectation that all participating employers will not harass any registrant, student or other employer in either an emotional, physical or sexual way. Should a complaint of harassment be made against an employer, Pacific Lutheran University will investigate the complaint immediately, and reserves the right to remove the employer from campus events and/or reserves the right to disallow any future participation in any activities sponsored by Pacific Lutheran University.

Third Party Recruiter Guidelines

All Third Party Recruiters participating in on-campus recruiting agree to:

  1. Not charge students or alumni for job openings or expect deductions from their salaries.
  2. Not disclose student or alumni information to other employers/organizations not represented during the recruiting event without obtaining prior written consent from the student or alumnus/a.
  3. Be well versed in the recruitment field and work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interview and selection techniques.

PLU reserves the right to restrict or refuse recruiting and posting activities. The sponsors of recruiting events reserve the right to change and update these policies. Please check with the administrators of the event if you have any questions.