SERIES SPOTLIGHT: Child and Adolescent Traumatic Grief After Loss Two-Part Series

A spotlighted series presented by the Center of Continued Nursing Learning at PLU.
In partnership with PLU’s Graduate Program Continuing Education,  PLU’s Marriage & Family Therapy & PLU’s Department of Social Work

Child and Adolescent Traumatic Grief After Loss

Childhood Grief: Too Young to Say Goodbye is Part I
Adolescent Grief: Too Young to Say Goodbye is Part II

Tanika Johnson, Ed.D., M.A., LPC-MHSP, LMHC, NCC, BC-TMH, CCTP

Childhood Grief: Too Young to Say Goodbye is Part I: In the wake of losing a beloved parent or family member, friend or classmate, or school administrator, teacher, or support staff, children may develop more questions than answers as they grow to understand the permanence of death. The participants will develop an in-depth awareness of suicide prevention techniques: decreasing risk factors, increasing protective factors, promoting positive relationship-building with parents, families, and caregivers, enhancing life skills, and fostering healthy social and emotional school and home environments.

Adolescent Grief: Too Young to Say Goodbye is Part II:  In the aftermath of a suicidal death, school or community shooting, or related tragic event, adolescents are likely to receive the news via a media outlet, social media, friend, or family member.  Participants will gain effective strategies for responding to the following: How could I have prevented the traumatic event? Am I to blame for the tragedy? How is this tragic event going to impact my life? Participants will recognize signs of traumatic grief and assess for functional impairment, physical health, and suicidal ideations.

2 Three hour sessions part 1 – 6/10, part 2 – 6/24
6/10/2023 – 11 AM- 2PM PT and  6/24/2023 – 11 AM – 2PM PT

Course Costs

Part One: $100.00
Part Two $100.00
Full Course $180.00 (Save $20.00 by Bundling the two sessions together!)

Contact Hours

Part One: 3.0
Part Two: 3.0
Part One and Two 6.0

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