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Walk-In Hours

This service is offered for enrolled students seeking a brief consultation (not ongoing counseling sessions or travel consultations) with professional counselors.  Students may walk in without an appointment to consult with a counselor regarding any issue or concern.  These brief (15-30 minute) sessions can help students get a “sample” of how counseling works and if it’s right for them or get a referral to local resources.

Please note:

  • Interested students should arrive as close to the start time as possible as service during the Walk-In Hour is generally on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students presenting with an urgent issue may be seen out of order of arrival if multiple attendees arrive at one time, which may limit availability during the remaining portion of the hour.
  • Students may be asked to return at another scheduled Walk-In if capacity during the hour is filled.
  • Walk-In Hours are not available during the summer as counselor availability is limited.

Walk-In Hour Schedule (September-December & February-May)