Maura Winter

Mental Health Counseling Intern

Office Location:Anderson University Center - Room 300

Employed: 0 Years

  • Professional
  • Biography


  • Master of Arts, Counseling, St. Martin’s University (Lacey, WA), in progress
  • Bachelor, Musical Arts, Pacific Lutheran University, 2015


Maura is a student at St. Martin’s University in Lacey where she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Counseling. Maura’s style of counseling is influenced by St. Martin’s emphasis on systems perspectives, which views all people as members of unique and complex systems (families, communities, cultures). She is also influenced by mythopoetic and depth work, which examines the interplay of myth, symbolism, and archetype within our lives and how our experience aligns and diverts from the experiences of those who came before us. During college, individuals often begin exploring and seeking meaning in their roles and relationships. Maura seeks to empower individuals in their growth, no matter where they begin on their journey, and to help them nurture an environment in which they thrive.