Club Accounts

Each registered student club has been assigned an on-campus account.  Under no circumstances may student organizations open off-campus accounts. Your club records should include your account number and account history. Every student organization has a six-digit fund account number (Banner FOAP account).  When processing transactions, you will need to provide a four digit extension that details the transaction. Most common four-digit transaction extensions for Clubs and Organizations:

7102 Office/General Supplies

7132 Dues and Membership Fees

7133 On Campus Meeting/Event Expenses (Dining Services, Media)

7141 Photocopying

7143 Advertising and Public Relations (IMPACT)

7144 Postage/Mailing

All Expense Transactions for Club and Organizations should follow this example:

Fund number-6323-transaction extension-61
FOAP Account

Student clubs are entitled to the creation of a FOAP Banner Account. Funds roll over year to year, however, no money is allotted to clubs at their creation or at the beginning of each academic year. All funds must be raised by the individual club/organization. Oversight of these accounts will rest primarily with the Treasurer in conjunction with the Office of Student Engagement. To utilize the account, the club President and Treasurer must attend a session at the beginning of the academic year that will instruct on how to properly use the funding. Student Engagement is the Financial Manager for all student club accounts. Should a club need to spend money from their account, the club Treasurer will work in conjunction with Student Engagement for signatures on reimbursements, cash advances, and/or check request forms.

There are two Financial Managers within the office that may approve and sign off on appropriate paperwork; these are the Director of Student Engagement (Ian Jamieson) and the Assistant Director  (Alexis Nelson). When submitting any paperwork for reimbursement purposes, please go to the Senior Office Assistant (Aryn Fine) in AUC 158 and turn this in.  The forms will be reviewed for approval. You will then notify the club member that the paperwork may be picked up and taken to the Business Office for reimbursement. Please see the Student Club/Organizations Handbook for further details and specific paperwork requirements.

Record Keeping

Club funds are university resources and are therefore subject to standards and potential audits by external agencies.  Receipts for all purchases must be maintained by your club treasurer or designee.  All funds your organization raises must be deposited into your club account on the business day after they are raised;  save all Business Office deposit slips.

Account Balances

Club officers are responsible for maintaining a positive balance in their fund.    It is imperative that you reconcile your expenses and deposits on this account each month, so as to assure accuracy in the university and club records.  This process emphasizes the need for your club to retain budget records on all activity so that you have a backup of detail from which to compare.

Deficit Accounts

Clubs that have overdrawn their account will be notified in writing by Student Engagement.  Upon notification, club leaders have a specified time to submit a plan for making-up the deficit.  If the club does not attain a positive balance within one semester of when the notice of deficit is given, the club will become inactive.

Account maintenance forms

You may download all forms related to account maintenance from the Clubs and Orgs Documents webpage including:

Getting Funds for Your Organization

Recognized organizations can obtain funds in three primary ways: Fundraising; Appropriations Board; and Dues. Additionally, the Student Life Council has allocated funds to support travel. Details on each of these funding options are listed below.


You must complete a Fundraising Planning Form and receive written approval before conducting any fundraising activity. Funds must be deposited into the club account within 48 hours of receipt. Clubs that do not deposit funds in this timely manner risk being placed on inactive status. Contact the Student Engagement  for in-depth information on fundraising.
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Appropriations Board

Funding may be available to your club through the SAB Appropriations Board. Your club must be registered and in good standing with the university. Contact SAB for further information and the petition process. For the 2017-2018 academic year, Appropriations will not be accepting any more funding requests.
SAB Appropriations Form >

Student Life Council Funding Request

The Student Life Division will support student travel to conferences and events away from the campus. The support can only be a portion of the total cost, and the sponsoring organization must submit a written plan that specifies how participation in the event/conference will benefit the PLU community. Generally, funding will only be awarded if a program or event will be held on-campus following the travel.
Request for Financial Support Form >

Getting Money

Reimbursements Under $75

If a club officer pays for goods related to a club function or need, an original itemized receipt must be attached to a Reimbursement Request Form located on the Clubs and Orgs website ( and presented to the Office of Campus Life Front Desk (located in the lower AUC, suite 161) for reimbursement approval. If you do not have a proper itemized receipt, you or your club member may not be reimbursed except under the rarest of circumstances.

Reimbursements Over $75

If your reimbursement exceeds $75.00, the university will not give you cash on the spot, but will require a check request form. This may and can take up to two weeks’ time. If you want the check mailed to your home, provide the Business Office with a stamped envelope. Otherwise, leave your phone number so that they can call you once the check has been issued and can be picked up. Again, if you do not have a proper receipt, you or your club member may not be reimbursed for your expenditure.

Check Request

Check request forms are available in Student Engagement or online. Complete the request, attach supporting material (i.e. itemized receipts), get approval from the Financial Managers within Student Engagement and forward the request to the Business Office. Retain a copy for your records. Please note, checks are only processed once a week. Approved requests must be in the Business Office no later than a Monday for check issuance on Friday.


The university allows $.45 per mile reimbursement for travel on official club business. You must complete an Auto Mileage Form and submit it to the Financial Managers in SIL for approval. The amount will then be paid out of your club account and appear as an expense on your Banner activity report. See travel section for more details!
Auto Mileage Form >

Deposit Money

Student Engagement will provide you with deposit slips. You can deposit any income at the Business Office window. The four-digit extension for account income is 5706. Make sure you retain copies of all deposit slips for your records!!!

Signature Authorization

Only Student Engagement  Administrators can sign for reimbursements and/or payment requests.