Getting funds for your Club/Organization

Recognized organizations can obtain funds in three primary ways: Fundraising; Appropriations Board; and Dues.  Additionally, the Student Life Council has allocated funds to support travel.  Details on each of these funding options are listed below.


You must complete an Event Planning Form and receive written approval before conducting any fundraising activity. Note that while UC tabling requests do not need an Event Planning Form, any tabling event where you will be fundraising does.

Appropriations Board

Funding may be available to your club through the ASPLU Appropriations Board.  Your club must be registered and in good standing with the university.  Contact ASPLU for further information and the petition process.

Student Life Council Funding Request

The Student Life Division will support student travel to conferences and events away from the campus. The support can only be a portion of the total cost, and the sponsoring organization must submit a written plan that specifies how participation in the event/conference will benefit the PLU community. Generally, funding will only be awarded if a program or event will be held on-campus following the travel.