Club Registration Form 2018-2019

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If you are a new club and have not received your epass yet or do not have one, please put the one that you have requested or the president's email if you have not requested one.

Provide name, email, and position of any other club leaders/officers. 

If you don't know who your advisor will be at this time, please make sure you send a completed Advisor Agreement Form to as soon as possible.

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***Note: We only have a limited number of lockers so it is possible that your club may end up on a waiting list

***Note: This description will be displayed to the public on our website under the "Find a Club" section along with the advisor name, president name, and club email.

Page 3/3: Updated Constitution

The last thing we need you to complete before being registered is your club constitution! Please update your constitution and have the newest version uploaded.

Please be sure to adhere to your club's constitutional rules and laws. If you are changing pieces of your constitution, be sure to take a vote on it within the club and amend it.

Also, if you do not currently have an updated constitution, please email as soon as possible with an attached constitution. 

If you are unsure of how your constitution should look, we have a model constitution available online on our website at and we also have current constitutions on file. Email if you would like to retrieve a copy of the current constitution.

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