Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How can my club use the clubhouse?

The Clubhouse, AUC 140, is a space for clubs to use for meetings or gatherings, and shares its space with Student Activities Board. Between the hours of 8am – 5pm on M-F all students have swipe access. All club presidents have after-hours swipe access. Butcher paper, poster markers, club forms, and other materials are available at any time. Please be respectful of these materials and please contact us when items need to be restocked.  There is also a clubs workstation that connects to the printer/copier. Contact the Clubs and Orgs Interns at to figure out how to set up printing or to set up after-hours access.

Does our club get funding?

Clubs do not automatically receive funding, because not all clubs use funding. There are 5 ways for clubs to get funding: ASPLU appropriations, Student Activities Board appropriations, fundraising, dues, and the DJS award. ASPLU appropriations and SAB appropriations has money for clubs putting on events for students. Information on both funding sources and detailed information about fundraising and application forms can be found at under Documents and Forms. Information on the DJS award can be found at

How does my organization reserve a room for an activity?

As the leader of your organization you will probably have to schedule a room to use for meetings, workshops, special group sessions or social activities. As an official student organization, you have access to planning events in any of the programmable spaces on campus. You can make room reservations by either calling Conferences and Events or using their online system, EMS. Find information about Conferences and Events and EMS here: Make sure to plan all events in advance (2 weeks) to leave enough time to find the right space for your event.  Also make sure that your club has submitted an Event Planning Form for this event (except information tabling) or else the EMS request will not be approved.

Can I have food (i.e. pizza or ice cream) at my event?

If you plan on having any kind of food not served by PLU catering in any space on PLU’s campus that can be reserved via EMS, you should submit a Request for a Self-Catered Event. For bake sales, you should submit a Notification of Bake Sale Form.

What is the Event Planning Form?

The Event Planning form helps the Clubs office keep track of the club events on campus. This is so that we can help spread the word about events, keep students safe, and correlate information about what clubs are doing on campus. Please fill this form out for club events and meetings. If there is a recurring event, like a weekly meeting, the event planning form can be filled out just once each semester. Here is the 2018-2019 Event Planning Form:

How do I rent out PLU vans?

There are 3 vans available for rental from campus safety, and an opportunity to rent vans from Enterprise that can be delivered to campus. Visit the campus safety website to view the van availability, fill out a reservation form, and learn more about getting your driver certification. The PLU vans are $15/day and $.67 per mile. The Enterprise vans are $108/day. The vans get booked up early, so make sure to reserve them once you know the date of your event!

What types of advertising media are available to student organizations?

There are many ways to advertise for your club. All advertising must be approved at the front desk of Campus Life (AUC 161). They will approve a poster if it includes the name of the event, time, place, the event sponsor, and contact information. The Event Planning Form must be filled out before advertising goes up. Here are different ways that you can advertise:

  • IMPACT boards: there are 28 IMPACT boards around campus. Print out copies of your own poster (max size is 11×17) and drop them off at the Campus Life (AUC 161)  desk.
  • Res Halls: talk to each Community Director before putting up advertising.
  • Talk to the Mast/Mast TV about having an article for your club
  • Tabling can be arranged through EMS/Conferences and Events. Get the word out to students walking by in the AUC!

How often should we update our constitution?

It’s important to update your constitution as often as changes occur within your organization. Considering the constant transitioning of new officers, the constitution may be the only official document a new officer or advisor has to utilize as a resource. The Office of Student Engagement does request that student organizations provide them with an updated constitution regularly (as updates are made and every 2 years). We store these constitutions as a resource for future club leaders.

How do I start a new student organization?

As a PLU student, you are encouraged to browse our list of registered student organizations to identify those that might be of interest to you. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, we are hopeful that you and others who share your interest will start something new. If you are interested in starting a new club/organization, please contact Clubs and Orgs. at You will receive the information necessary to begin the process. You can also find the first two steps located under the Documents and Forms tab > scrolling to the bottom to the section “Starting a Club”.

What could happen if our organization is found in violation of any of the University policies?

The Student Code of Conduct governs the behavior of all students and student organizations on and off University premises. The University will address behavior when it adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of the University’s objectives. Should actions violate both University regulations and public law, this may result in the application of University disciplinary proceedings in addition to any criminal proceedings. (Cited: PLU Student Code of Conduct).

Can I show a movie at my event?

Due to copyright law, it is illegal to show any movie in a public setting (i.e. anywhere outside home). Many student groups think, “Our event’s free, so we should be able to just show the video.” The issue is not whether you charge admission, but whether you show the movie in a public setting. The definition of a public showing of a movie, according to copyright law, is to “display it at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered.” Advertising your event or holding it in an open space like the Ingram or the Cave would constitute a public showing.

It is fairly simple to obtain permission to show a popular, mainstream movie, but make sure you do it early in your planning process. It takes time and, in most cases, money. The price for showing a movie can be up to $100 or more, depending on the size of the group and the movie popularity. For rare or international films, the process can be complicated because the copyright holder may not be immediately apparent.

Contact the movie distributor and obtain permission to show the film. Many titles are available from the sources like SWAN Motion Pictures Inc., Copyright Clearance Center, Criterion Pictures USA, Kino International, and New Yorker Films. When you contact the distributor, be prepared to provide the following information: name and contact of your organization, where and to whom you will show the film, how your organization will pay for the rights to show the movie, whether or not you need a copy of the film.

If your club cannot cover the cost to obtain permission to show a film, consider going to the ASPLU Appropriations Board and apply for funds.

I've printed some posters for my club's event! How can I get them distributed?

Impact will distribute posters that have been pre-designed and printed, as long as they have been stamped and approved by the Campus Life front desk workers in AUC 161. A front desk worker will have access to a spreadsheet that will inform them whether or not there is room on the Impact boards. This spreadsheet is updated daily by the Impact staff. If there is room, the front desk worker may stamp the poster and leave it in Impact’s mailbox. If there is no room, the front desk worker will not accept the poster to give to Impact.

You may also choose to have Impact print your posters for you. This guarantees distribution and spacing for your poster on the Impact boards. For more information, visit Impact’s website.

Also when you drop off your poster in AUC 161 please fill out the Student Engagement Poster Approval Check List.

I have a butcher paper poster! Where can I hang them?

Butcher paper posters may be placed on non-Impact boards, which include the two cork boards under each Impact TV in the AUC, and the cork board on the AUC staircase. These must be stamped by an Campus Life front desk worker in AUC 161, who will approve and stamp your poster with an expiration date.