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List of Clubs & Orgs

If you would like more information regarding a specific club, or would like to get in contact with a club officer, please select the tab “Join a Club.” Select the club(s) you wish to contact, and the Clubs and Orgs interns will connect you to the clubs via email.  You can also contact the Clubs and Orgs Interns at clubs@plu.edu for help finding a club for you!

Please also browse our list of PLU organizations on campus!

Active Minds

Previously NAMI at PLU. Active Minds works to provide education, advocacy, and peer support for mental health on campus and in the greater community. We achieve these goals by decreasing stigma around mental illness and offering a support group for those with mental health concerns.

President: David Redman
Advisor: Dr. Mary Moller
Email: activeminds@plu.edu

Alaska Club

Presidents: Monica Richardson & Kyler Perry

Alpha Psi Omega

ΑΨΩ is an American recognition honor society recognizing students in collegiate theater.

President: Dane Ostlie-Olson
Advisor: Henry Loughman
Email: apo@plu.edu
Website: https://apo062.wixsite.com/alpha-psi-omega

Alpha Upsilon Sigma

Alpha Upsilon Sigma is PLU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society. Our goal is to facilitate an English community at Pacific Lutheran University for English majors and non-majors alike and promote events pertaining to the discipline. Alpha Upsilon Sigma’s events are open to all PLU students, regardless of honor society membership status. For questions regarding membership, or anything else related to AUS, please contact alphaupsig@plu.edu.

President: Sara Berger
Advisor: Jenny James
Email: alphaupsig@plu.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/sigmataudeltaPLU/

American Marketing Association

Sponsored by the Puget Sound Chapter of the National American Marketing Association, AMA encourages students to uphold sound, honest marketing practices, engages in professional practice, improves marketing research, and develops and promotes better understanding between students, faculty and business people. Open to students of all disciplines.

President: Brooke Johnson
Advisor: Shiva Nandan
Email: ama@plu.edu

Anime Club

The goal of the anime club is to provide an environment to discuss and celebrate Japanese culture, with a focus on anime.

President: Evan Farley
Advisor: Natalie op de Beeck
Email: anime@plu.edu

Anthropology Club

The Anthropology Club provides students of anthropology, as well as interested students, a place to explore any and all topics that relate to human beings. Our mission is to foster an appreciation of cultures, language, human origin, and the discovery and preservation of the human past and present. Each year, we host events for students and the outside community to learn more about the world of anthropology.

President: Paris Franklin

Advisor: Jordan Levy
Email: anthclub@plu.edu
Website: https://sites.google.com/a/plu.edu/anthropology-club/home

Art Club

The Art Club strives to increase the cultural knowledge and diversity on Pacific Lutheran’s campus, increase the cultural knowledge and diversity to the surrounding Parkland area, and encourage an affinity towards the arts across all mediums, including but not limited to: sculpture, film, painting, photography, ceramics, and drawing.

President: Rachele Berndt
Advisor: JP Avila
Email: arthclub@plu.edu

Asian-Pacific Islanders Club

The Asian Pacific Islander Association strive to celebrate the culture and identity of Asian-American and Pacific Islander students through food, music, activities, and conversation. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place for those who identify as API or those who want to be more educated on a culture different from their own.

President: Aivi Tran
Advisor: Brandon Bruan, Julian Franco
Email: api@plu.edu

Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Ro Chapter

Beta Alpha Psi is a nonprofit international honorary and service organization for financial information students and professionals. The Delta Rho chapter offers opportunities for self development and encourages ethical, social, and public responsibilities. Membership is open to students intending to concentrate in accounting and finance who have maintained 3.0 GPA.

President: Danielle Bradley
Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Gupta
Email: bap@plu.edu
Website: https://sites.google.com/a/plu.edu/bap/

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is the International Business Honors Society. Its mission is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to cultivate and celebrate leadership and professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society, and to serve its lifelong members. To be eligible for membership in PLU BGS, students must (a) be enrolled in the PLU School of Business and (b) have a GPA rank in the upper 10 percent of their undergraduate class or upper 20 percent of their graduate class.

President: Angelica Martinez-Estrada
Advisor: Fabio Ambrosio
Email: plubgs@plu.edu

Biology Club

Biology club is dedicated to supporting students within the discipline of biology by providing opportunities to experience biology-related activities outside of the classroom, building a network among biology students, and working with professors in an effort to promote collaborative learning.

President: Sarah Newman
Advisor: Dr. Jacob Egge
Email: bioclub@plu.edu

Black Student Union

Black Student Union provides the PLU community the opportunity to engage in elements of Black culture & conversation.

President: Shelondra Harris
Advisor: Paul Metellus & Aviance Taylor-Kamau
Email: bsu@plu.edu

C.H.A.O.S. (Christians Hyped About Our Savior)

C.H.A.O.S. is a student run group that isn’t afraid to ask the big/important questions about faith and God. All are welcome.

Thursdays 7pm, Ness Family Chapel

Chemistry Club

Chemistry club invites students to explore the exciting and engaging world of Chemistry by performing outreach to PLU and high school students in order to demonstrate the importance of chemistry and its applications to society as a whole.

President: Ciara Flanery
Advisor: Andrea Munro
Email: chemclub@plu.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/PLU-Chemistry-Club-141900439239456/

Circle K International

Have you heard of Key Club from High School? Well, we’re Key Club for college students! Circle K International (CKI) is a club that focuses on Fun, Fellowship, Leadership, and Service. We connect with CKI students all across the Pacific Northwest to serve, network, and have fun. Drives, games, in-meeting service activities, and conventions are just some of the things we do. You can find us in AUC room 134 on the first and third Thursday of every month @ 6:30 PM.

President: Emily Curtis
Advisor: Allison Stephens
Email: circlek@plu.edu

Clay Crows

Pacific Lutheran University’s premiere improv group!

President: Morgan DeKlyen
Advisor: Henry Loughman
Email: claycrows@plu.edu

Club Keithley

Club Keithley is named for Perry G. Keithley Middle School, where we connect the PLU and Parkland communities through service and outreach. We interact with Keithley students through classroom volunteering, one-on-one mentorships, and after school programs. Middle schoolers rock!

President: Michaela Myers

Advisor: Joel Zylstra
Email: clubkms@plu.edu

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer (Relay For Life) brings together students to fight against cancer through raising funds and awareness of different causes of cancer.

President: Shelby Coates
Advisor: Oksana Ejokina
Email: plurelay@plu.edu

Computer Science Club

President: Kate Jacobsen
Advisor: George Hauser
Email: csclub@plu.edu
Website: cs.plu.edu/club


The Collegiate Washington Music Educators Association is dedicated to developing the skills, as well as expanding the sense of professionalism and passion within its membership and the greater community.

President: Claire Rehmke
Advisor: Dr. Linda Miller
Email: rehmkecj@plu.edu
Website: http://www.cwmea.org/

Dance Club

Pacific Lutheran University Dance Team is a student run organization that includes a dedicated group of dance students who perform a range of dance styles including, jazz, funk, modern, hip hop and synchronized movement vocabularies. Members of dance club rehearse and perform dance pieces both on and off campus. Dance Club seeks to facilitate the technical development of its members as well as to find opportunities for them to share their talents. Students audition in the Fall term. Dance Team is a fun way to continue a passion for dance, and make some friends along the way!

President: Abby Kheriaty
Advisor: Rachel Winchester
Email: dance@plu.edu

Delta Iota Chi Nursing Club

Delta Iota Chi is an NSNA affiliated professional service club at Pacific Lutheran University directly linked to the School of Nursing. Students must be enrolled in the School of Nursing to be eligible for membership, however our events and meetings are open to all. We provide opportunities for professional and educational development as well as community service for our members through our many events and activities during the year. Being a member is not only a chance to boost the School of Nursing portfolio but network with people from other cohorts and different nursing fields too. We strive to be a standard for professionalism within the School of Nursing as well as the community at PLU.

President: Wendell Brunk
Advisor: Christina Peppin
Email: delta@plu.edu
Website: https://sites.google.com/a/plu.edu/delta-iota-chi/

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Thursdays 9:15-9:45pm, back room Columbia Center

Feminist Student Union

FSU aims to give students who are passionate about feminist issues the voice and opportunity to be activists and inform their campus and larger community.

President: Tegan Mitchell & Maddie Titlebaum
Advisor: Jen Smith
Email: fsu@plu.edu

Geology Club

Geo Club invites students, of any background, to explore the many facets of geoscience. Geo Club aims to give students the opportunity to discuss down to Earth topics, such as natural resources, climate, rocks and minerals, and large scale processes that form the world around us. Dig into this gem of a club, we rock!

President: Samantha Denham

Advisor: Peter Davis

Email: geoclub@plu.edu


G.R.E.A.N., GrassRoots Environmental Action Now, is a club for passionate students, whether they are committed to saving the planet or just curious about what they can do. Come to GREAN club to learn about sustainability and environmental issues on PLU’s campus and in the surrounding community, and get opportunities to engage in environmental action.

President: Julia Grosvenor
Advisor: Dr. Brian Naasz
Email: grean@plu.edu
Meets at 8:30-9:00pm on Thursdays in Hong 246

Hawaii Club

The PLU Hawaii Club is committed to sharing the unique and wonderful aloha culture of Hawaii with the greater PLU community. Our membership consists of students from Hawaii and all over the mainland — it is a home away from home. The club offers the members the opportunity to explore Washington and the greater Tacoma area and to help first year students with their transition to a new college life style.

Presidents: Thalen Masada and Kristi Kaneta
Advisors: Brandon Bruan and Todd Yamaguchi
Email: hawaii@plu.edu

Health Sciences Club

The Health Sciences Club provides resources and hosts events in order to aid in the application processes of pre-health professional students as well as maintain an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly for all club members.

President: Kyler Perry
Advisor: Matthew Smith
Email: hsc@plu.edu


“Sassy, Brassy, and Classy.” HERmonic is a female group that performs and entertains through A’Capella music, priding themselves on their individuality and spirit.

President: Alicia Hoag
Advisor: Richard Nance
Email: hermonicacappella@plu.edu
Website: www.facebook.com/hermonicacappella

Ignite Ministry

Ignite seeks to gather together in fellowship with students at PLU that want to encounter and cultivate a deeper love with Jesus Christ in our large group gatherings, corporate prayer meetings, and small groups to live a life reflecting Jesus Christ.
Our calling mandated in Matthew 28:19-20 is to spread the Word of God and share the love of Christ to students, staff, and faculty by bearing the image of Christ.
“To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that [we] may be filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19

President: Kyle Fahey
Advisor: Sarah Sanders
Email: ignite@plu.edu
Website: 13ignitemin.wordpress.com


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Pacific Lutheran University is a multiethnic, inter-denominational community of students seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus on campus and in the city of Tacoma. We do this through a variety of ways including on-campus small group bible studies, large group weekly gatherings, and service projects. Learn more at http://pluintervarsity.wix.com/pluivcf

President: Aimee Watanabe
Advisor: Dan Hammerquist
Email: ivcf@plu.edu

Kinesiologists of the Future Club

Kinesiologists of the Future Club is a club for all PLU students who are interested in the broad field of Kinesiology. Our meetings consist of open study sessions, planning events, and professional meetings. Open classrooms are open for studying for upcoming tests, talking to other students about recommended study techniques, and for getting to meet more people within the Kinesiology Department. In our professional meetings we have working professionals (PTs, OTs, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, PE teachers, etc.) come in and speak to us about the process of becoming a professional, whether is means a graduate degree or a certification, and what one experiences everyday on the job.

President: Jessica Stenberg
Advisor: Harry Papadopoulos
Email: plukfc@plu.edu

Latinx Unidos (formerly Amigos Unidos)

Latinx Unidos, former Amigos Unidos, seeks to empower the Hispanic/Latinx student population for the purpose of providing scholarly support, cultural awareness, social enrichment, and community outreach. It provides a space on campus that allows Hispanic / Latinx students to feel like home, build a community together, and have some fun in the process. Stay connected by following us on Instagram: pluamigosu , like us on Facebook: PLU Amigos Unidos, and/or email us at amigosu@plu.edu

President: Eduardo Torres
Advisor: Luke Ruiz
Email: amigosu@plu.edu

Latter-day Saints Student Association

Encourages fellowship and scripture study among Latter-day Saint students and all others desiring to be involved.

President: Ryan Sturivan
Advisor: Catherine Pratt
Email: prattca@plu.edu

League of Legends

We are a League of Legends club at PLU where we hope to learn from one another and to create a community where players of all skill levels are comfortable and welcome. We try to maintain an active amount of play within our club, as well as organizing a competitive PLU ranked team and hosting prized tournament events. We also welcome any new players and give them assistance when needed so they will not feel like they have to take on a new learning curve alone.

Meets 5-6pm on Fridays in Admin 101.

President: Andrew Lodell
Advisor: Jorge Reyes Silveyra
Email: pluporo@plu.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OrderofDeSales/

Lute Legion

Lute Legion is a club dedicated to the enhancement of student life by forming a community dedicated to smarter nutrition, fitness, and physical/mental well being.

President: Derick Chai
Advisor: Michelle Behrens
Email: legion@plu.edu

Lute Nation

The mission of Lute Nation is to bring students of different identities and backgrounds together to learn and create step routines. We love to entertain and educate the surrounding community about step, the importance of staying motivated in school, and how fun college can be!

Captain & Co-Captain: Jordyn Price & Warren Neely
Advisor: Melannie Cunningham
Email: Lnation@plu.edu

The Mark Creative Writing Club

The Mark provides a creative atmosphere in which students may workshop current writing projects, allowing for positive critical growth manifested by a supportive group that maintains an interest in writing. The Mark contributes to the development of the written word on the PLU Campus.

President: Shanna Postlewait
Advisor: Jason Skipper
Email: themark@plu.edu

Math Club 

Math Club meets weekly with the intention of building community among students and faculty by providing opportunities for conversation and activities revolving around mathematical interests.

President: Devon Johnson

Email: mathclub@plu.edu
Advisor: Yajun An

Minnesota Club

We are a group for anyone who loves Minnesota and the Midwest! We love to hang out and talk about the Midwest, eat Midwestern food, and partake in fun activities like duck duck gray duck or lefse making.

Co-Presidents: Anya Nelson & Michael Larson
Advisor: Hal Delarosby

Email: mnclub@plu.edu

Mu Phi Epsilon

President: TBD
Advisor: Svend Ronning
Email: muphiplu@plu.edu
Website: https://community.plu.edu/~muphiplu/

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association is for both Muslim and non-Muslims with the purpose of uniting and supporting the Muslim community of PLU, educating the greater PLU community about the Islamic faith and engaging in interfaith dialogue to enable tolerance.

President: Fatoumatta Conteh
Advisor: Seth Dowland
Email: muslimsa@plu.edu

Network for Peacebuilding & Conflict Management

NPCM provides a network of students and faculty interested in peacebuilding and conflict management that can share resources, knowledge, expertise, and opportunities with each other in an effort to build a stronger, more peaceful world.

President: Angela Nommensen and Binyaamem
Advisor: Amanda Feller
Email: npcm@plu.edu

Night of Musical Theater

NOMT strives to provide a fun and engaging opportunity to learn about the distinct art of musical theatre through the formation of a unique show compiled of several different musical numbers culminating in a performance that has long been a tradition at PLU.

President: Lydia Bill
Advisor: Tom Smith
Email: billlj@plu.edu

Opera Club

Opera Club’s goal is to encourage the interest in opera by hosting on-campus showings of operas, and workshops with PLU music faculty who are professional opera singers and directors. We also aim to provide students with the information of the local opera opportunities such as productions by Seattle Opera and Tacoma Opera, and encourage students to participate in the PLU operatic productions.

President: Miya Higashiyama
Advisor: Dr. James Brown
Email: pluoperaclub@plu.edu

Partners in Health Engage PLU

PIH Engage is a grassroots social movement that aims to build the right to health by growing and amplifying Partners in Health’s work to advance the right to health globally. PIH Engage brings resources and builds power to stabilize the financing of these systems globally. As the PLU chapter of PIH Engage, we recruit and train teams of volunteer organizers to raise funds and engage with policymakers, focusing all of our actions on the three pillars of PIH Engage: advocacy, fundraising, and education.

President: Marc Vetter
Advisor: Pricilla St. Clair
Email: engage@plu.edu
Website: www.engage.pih.org

Phi Alpha Delta/Delta Ro

Eager to promote a closer bond among students of social work and to enter into more intimate fellowship with those dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian goals and ideals by a professional group which quality educational preparation is deemed imperative, students and faculty involved in social work education at Pacific Lutheran University resolve to sponsor a Chapter of Phi Alpha National Honor Society, thereby to foster high standards of education for social work and to invite into membership those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students of social work.

President: Cady Handley
Advisor: JoDee Keller
Email: phialpha@plu.edu

PLU College Republicans

President: Joel Earlywine
Advisor: Kristin Plaehn
Email: plucr@plu.edu

PLU Community Garden Club

The garden is a 10,000 square foot garden that uses only organic practices. PLU Community Garden produces tons of produce for the needy in Parkland. Most of the food goes to Trinity Lutheran’s food pantry or homeless shelters.

President: Connal Boyd
Advisor: Erin Liden
Email: garden@plu.edu
Website: https://www.plu.edu/sustainability/student-groups/community-garden/

PLU Gamer’s Guild

Casual tabletop gaming events, including board games, card games, and role-playing games.

President: Paul Dalenberg

Advisor: Rachel Betron

Email: dalenbpd@plu.edu

PLU Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

Habitat for Humanity serves to engage students in meaningful service experiences, to learn more about housing issues in the Tacoma/Pierce County area, and to promote the work and mission of Habitat for Humanity.

President: Monica Richardson
Advisor: Amy Stewart-Maihiot
Email: habitat@plu.edu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pluhabitat/?fref=ts

PLU Pep Band

Meets Fridays at 5:30

President: Aaron Weed
Advisor: Edwin Powell
Email: plupepband@plu.edu

PLU Physics Club

President: Leahra Gould
Advisor: Bret Underwood
Email: physclub@plu.edu

PLU ROTC Cadet Activities Council

President: Maridel Agas
Advisor: David Dryden
Email: agasma@plu.edu

PLU Shotokan Karate Club

President: Matthew Kilgore
Advisor: Lace Smith
Email: karate@plu.edu

PLU Special Olympics

This club focuses on establishing a relationship between PLU students and people within the community who have intellectual disabilities. Through campaigns and by maintaining the PLU Unified soccer team, we spread awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities

President: Kirsten Kenny
Advisor: Charlie Katica
Email: specialolympics@plu.edu

PLU Students for Life

PLU Students for Life is dedicated to advocating for the worth of the most vulnerable in our society, particularly mothers and their children, whether born or pre-born. We do so by informing the PLU community about the injustice of abortion, helping mothers get access to the resources needed to raise their children, and respecting those who have differing opinions, especially women who have had an abortion in the past.

President: Philip Passantino
Advisor: Glen VanWyhe
Email: forlife@plu.edu

PLUtonic Acapella

PLUtonic Acappella is Pacific Lutheran University’s premiere men’s a cappella group comprised of 14 talented and goofy men who come together for the love of a cappella music!  We perform at gigs and events both on campus and throughout the greater Puget Sound region.

President: Michael Greer Jr.
Advisor: Brian Galante
Email: plutonic@plu.edu, https://www.facebook.com/PLUtonicAcappella/

Pre-Law Association

PreLaw Association helps students prepare for post-collegiate success, understand the Law School Admissions process, teaches Introduction to Law, and connects students with on-campus advocacy. Join us and get a head-start on your professional career!

President: Carlos Cepeda

Advisor: Ralph Flick

Email: plupla@plu.edu

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is an academic society that drives to produce a well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible member committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology, and to society in general.

President: Jessica Mason
Advisor: Dr. Heidi McLaughlin
Email: psichi@plu.edu

Queer Ally Student Union (QASU)

The Queer Ally Student Union is a space for activism and community for everyone at Pacific Lutheran University who is invested in the rights of queer people. Through facilitating discussion and organizing programming on campus, we aim to advocate on issues that impact queer people, start and maintain dialogue about queerness with the larger PLU community, and empower queer and questioning people on campus.

Co-Commissioners: Matthew Salzano and Carly Royer
Advisor: Beth Kraig
Email: qasu@plu.edu

Scandinavian Club

President: Sarah Ameny
Advisor: Elisabeth Ward
Email: scanclub@plu.edu

Sexuality Awareness and Personal Empowerment (SAPET)

SAPET is a team of students working to educate of topics of sexuality, including consent, healthy relationships, gender, and bystander basics. We present to campus communities and plan events for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

President: Jacynda Woodman-Ross
Advisor: Tolu Taiwo
Email: sapet@plu.edu


The Society for Human Resource Management is focused on connecting students to professionals in the workplace; through the mentorship program mentors can help students make the leap from classroom to boardroom. The main purpose of this program is to help students gain insightful information on current HR issues and learn about the HR field outside of the classroom through contact with an HR professional.

President: Jennifer Lewis
Advisor: Linda Gibson
Email: shrm@plu.edu

Super Smash Bros. Club

President: Drew Creger
Advisor: David Deacon-Joyner
Email: smash@plu.edu

The Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ)

President: Paris Franklin
Advisor: Joanne LisoskyEmail: spj@plu.edu

Sociology Club

To encourage students to explore the study of sociology, to inform students of career pathways and opportunities in the sociology area, to capture interest and bring awareness in the subject on campus.

President: Sarah Ney
Advisor: Galen Ciscell
Email: plusociologyclub@gmail.com

Swing Club

Interested in learning classic Swing dancing? PLU Swing Club is the place for you! We teach lessons every week on basic “East Coast” Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston and other Swing era dances, followed by social dancing the rest of the night. No partners or prior dance experience is required so bring your friends and come dance with us!

President: Rory Froschauer
Advisor: Emily Fahey
Email: swing@plu.edu

Transformative Learning Club

President: Danielle Bradley
Advisor: Amanda FellerEmail: tlc@plu.edu

Triota (Iota Iota Iota) Women’s and Gender Studies Honorary

President: Audrey Deiss, Haley Gredvig
Advisor: Teresa Ciabattari

Vpstart Crow

Vpstart Crow is a club devoted to producing minimalist, avant-garde theatre at PLU. The idea was founded on an ardent desire to push themselves and each other as individual practitioners as far as they could by working with new forms of theatre rarely accessed by Students at PLU before.

President: Morgan Poirier
Advisor: Tom Smith
Email: apo@plu.edu

United Students Association (formerly Global Student Club)

United Students Association (USA) is a club to promote international perspective within the PLU community, and to encourage connections between international students and domestic students for cultural and social exchange purposes.

President: Cho Cheong Wun

Advisor: Heather Jacobsen

Email: gsc@plu.edu

Young Democratic Socialists PLU

President: Austin Hayes
Advisor: Gregory Youtz
Email: hayesar@plu.edu

Young Life College Club

College Young Life is a place to build meaningful friendships and to find fun, genuine community with other students. If you do not know God intimately, Young Life College offers you an opportunity to come and ask questions. And if you do know God, it is a good way to come and deepen your faith. All are welcome!

President: Carson Barnett and Sophie Alvestad
Advisor: Craig McCord
Email: younglifecollege@plu.eduWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/plucollegeyounglife/

Need assistance with this form?

What’s the difference between a club and an organization? The primary difference is that organizations are managed by a PLU department rather than just the Clubs and Organizations Department. Below are a list of PLU departments and organizations you can also get involved in!

School of Arts and Communications (SOAC)

  •  Theater Department
  • Speech and Debate Team 
  • Dance Ensemble
  • Media Lab (ml@plu.edu)
    • An award–winning student media organization, MediaLab has expertise across the media spectrum. We work with clients in many industries to help them achieve results through effective marketing and communication campaigns.
  • Showrunners (showrunners@plu.edu)
    • Showrunners is a program that teaches and encourages professional production of quality entertainment television series for PLU students, by PLU students. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to explore their passions for creating television, on and off screen, through their own initiative, regardless of academic path.

Student Media

Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL)

First Years Only:


Campus Ministry