Ruth Anderson Public Debate Series: 2013

Resolved: The U.S. Drone Policy is Fatally Flawed

Public Debate Resolved: the U.S. drone policy is fatally flawed

December 4th,  7 p.m.
Scandinavian Cultural Center in the Anderson University Center

This debate topic will addressed remotely piloted aircraft, or drones, that have become an increasingly popular weapon under the Obama administration. Many analysts note that drones effectively eliminate threats abroad without risking soldiers’ lives. However, many critics worry that the use of drones undermines the separation of powers by placing the oversight of these combat instruments in the executive branch of government. Other critics maintain that drones increase collateral damage, which undermine our diplomatic goals. This raises the question, are drones helpful to U.S. foreign policy?

To answer this question, we featured two experts on U.S. Drone policy paired with debate students: Pauline Kaurin, Associate Professor of Philosophy at PLU, and Pam Barker PLU senior communication studies and political science major speaking for the affirmative; and Seth Weinberger, Associate Professor of Politics and Government at the UPS and David Mooney, PLU senior and political science major, arguing for the negative.

Below, watch a video of the 2013 debate.


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