Theatre Artistic Achievement Award 2019-20 

Artistic Achievement Awards in Theatre are awarded to those intending to major or minor in Theatre.  Our major degrees include BFA in Musical Theatre, BFA in Acting/Directing, BFA in Design/Technical and BA in Theatre.  Our minor is in Theatre.  For your audition/interview, you may select an option that works best for your area(s) of focus (Musical Theatre, Acting/Directing, Design/Technical).

Early Application Deadline is January 4, 2019. Application Deadline is February 15, 2019. Applications received after deadline are accepted, but will be considered second round applications. Awards in second round consideration may or may not be available. Please note that the file upload limit is 20mb per form. You will receive an email confirming submission, if you do not receive this email, contact us at

Supplementary Material

Detail theatre experience including play titles, character portrayed, production company (school, community theatre, etc.), and participation in non-theatre activities (forensics, band, choir, school newspaper, cheerleading, sports, etc.). Please upload in .doc or .pdf format.  

Whether in-person or posted on YouTube, please present one of the following:
  1. A 60-90 second contemporary monologue.
  2. A 30-60 second contemporary monologue and 16 bars (30 seconds) of a Broadway showtune. Please provide your own accompaniment on your phone or other player.
  3. A 3-5 page portfolio of photos and descriptions of your design/technical/stage management work. Please provide a copy of this that we can keep.

If no, Recorded Audition DetailsWe emphasize the importance of an in-person audition. However, if you are unable to audition in person, you may post a video to YouTube (or similar online platform), which should be received by February 15, 2019.

Include date of visit if known
I request consideration for a Theatre Artistic Achievement Award for the 2019-20 academic year. I understand that receipt of an award is conditional on being a declared Theatre major/minor my first semester by December 1, and will be a major or minor for the duration of the award. Should I elect to not meet this requirement, I understand the award will be adjusted or cancelled.

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