This house would raise the wage to $15 an hour

The Ruth Anderson Public Debate pairs experts with debaters to discuss contemporary issues relevant to Pierce County. In October of 2015, the Pierce County voters were faced with Initiative 1, more commonly known as 15 Now. If adopted, Initiative 1 would raise minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour in January 2016. Debating in favor of the proposition was Vince Kueter from 15 Now Tacoma — the group who penned and petitioned for the initiative. Opposing the resolution was Tom Pierson, President and CEO of the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce. The debate canvassed the ethical and economics issues around the minimum wage.

This House Would Raise The Wage To 15 An Hour!
The Experts

Vince Kueter, proposing the resolution

Vince Keuter is a strategic research analyst for SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, a union that represents hospital workers. He holds two masters degrees and is a researcher for organizations such as the Seattle Times, Gordon Thomas Honeywell and the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

Tom Pierson, opposing the resolution

Tom Pierson has been President & CEO of the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber since June 2011.  Since landing at the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, Tom has rebranded and redefined the Chamber and helped it solidify its standing as the voice for business throughout the community.

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