Life Under Drones is the first of its kind: a gathering of leaders in scholarly, military, artistic, and technology industries to assess the influence of drones on contemporary life.

Taking place September 18-19, 2019, Life Under Drones will feature keynotes presentations, panels, art installations, workshops, student research, and more as leaders from an array of diverse disciplines and industries come together to discuss the implications of drone technology in a rapidly changing society.

Parking Options for the Symposium include:

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2019 CHRIS KNUTZEN HALL, ANDERSON UNIVERSITY CENTER 9 – 9:15 AM Welcome Address Drs. Kate Hoyt & Marnie Ritchie, Pacific Lutheran University 9:15 – 10:05 AM Opening Keynote Address: “Selling Surveillance and Strikes: The Racialized Line between Killer and Craft Drones” Dr. Wazhmah Osman, Temple University 10:15 – 11:05 AM Panel: “The Rhetoric of War Technologies: Inter/National Considerations” Dr. Marnie Ritchie, Pacific Lutheran University Dr. Jessy Ohl, University of Alabama Tate Adams, Pacific Lutheran University alum 12:30 – 1:20 PM Lunchtime Keynote Address*: “Border Surveillance Drones as Assemblages of White-Settler Techno-Governance” Dr. Michael Lechuga, University of New Mexico 1:45 – 2:35 PM Panel: “Privacy, Security, Brutality: Implications for Domestic Drone Use” Dr. José Ángel Maldonado, University of Puget Sound Dr. Ryan Calo, University of Washington Dr. Xun Zhu, University of North Dakota 2:45 – 3:35 PM Panel: “Innovation, Invention, and Entrepreneurialism: The New Business of Tech” Dr. Chung Shing-Lee, Pacific Lutheran University Dr. Michael Halvorson, Pacific Lutheran University Dr. Benjamin Waters, University of Washington & WiBotic, Inc 3:45 – 5 PM Student Debate: “Society Should Welcome the Development of Drone Technology” Jessica Ullom-Minnich, Pacific Lutheran University Debate Zaira Rojas, University of Washington Tacoma Debate Mckaylia Marshall, University of Washington Tacoma Debate Alyssa Gaston, Seattle University Debate INGRAM HALL 5:15 – 6:15 PM Creative Musings on Life Under Drones: Artist Talks and Readings (Ingram Auditorium) Dr. George McHendry, Jr., Creighton University Erika Bartlett Dr. Kate Hoyt, Pacific Lutheran University 6:15 – 7:15 PM Happy Hour sponsored by Innovation Studies and Gallery Opening (Ingram Lobby and University Gallery) Remarks by Dr. Michael Halvorson, Director of Innovation Studies, and Dr. Cameron Bennett, Chair of the School of Arts and Communication 7:15 – 9 PM Filming Under Drones: Short Screenings and Q&A with Filmmakers (Ingram Auditorium) Dr. Wazhmah Osman, Temple University Dr. Minda Martin, University of Washington Bothell Nuk Suwanchote, Lightform Film Thursday, September 19th, 2019 CHRIS KNUTZEN HALL, ANDERSON UNIVERSITY CENTER 9 – 9:50 AM Panel: “Horizons in Emerging Tech: Drone Innovations in Engineering, Medicine, Library Science, and the Humanities” Dr. Jeff Caley, Pacific Lutheran University Dr. Ashis Banerjee, University of Washington Ida Joiner, PhD Candidate, Texas Wesleyan University 10 – 10:50 AM Panel: “War, Peace, and In/Visible Wounds: Philosophizing the ` Military Use of Drones” Dr. Ben Meiches, University of Washington Tacoma Dr. Aislinn Melchior, University of Puget Sound Joshua Porterfield, Pacific Lutheran University 11 – 11:50 AM Panel: “Reporting Live from Above: Journalism in the Age of Drones” Madiha Tahir, PhD Candidate, Columbia University Dr. Matthew Waite, University of Nebraska Lincoln Sean Robinson, Pacific Lutheran University 12 – 12:50 PM Closing Lunchtime Keynote Address*: “What’s the Value of an Unmanned Life?: Drones and 21st Century Security” Dr. Seth Weinberger, University of Puget Sound 12:50 – 1 PM Closing Remarks Drs. Kate Hoyt and Marnie Ritchie, Pacific Lutheran University *Registration for lunch service is required. Lunch service limited to 40 registrants. General seating provided for those not having lunch.

This symposium would not be possible without the support of our expanding list of sponsors, which include: