Justin Eckstein

Assistant Professor of Communication, Director of Debate

Office Location:Ingram Hall - Room 133

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  • Ph.D., Rhetoric and Communication Ethics, University of Denver, 2013
  • M.A., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2009
  • B.A., University of Denver, 2007

Areas of Emphasis or Expertise

  • Cultural Studies
  • Argumentation
  • Sound Studies


Dr. Eckstein heads up the T.O.H. Karl Forensics Forum.

Selected Articles

  • Eckstein, J. "Yellow rain: Radiolab and the acoustics of strategic maneuvering." Journal of Argumentation in Context Vol. 3, 2014: 35-56.
  • Young, A., Eckstein, J. & Conley, D.. "Rhetoric and foodways." Critical/Cultural Communication Studies Vol. 12, 2015: 198-199.
  • Eckstein, J. & Young, A.. "Cooking, celebrity chefs, and public chef intellectuals." Critical/Cultural Communication Studies Vol. 12, 2015: 205-208.
  • Eckstein and Partlow Lefevre. "Since Sandy Hook: Strategic Maneuvering in the Gun Control Debate." Western Journal of Communication 2016: 225-242.


Dr. Eckstein is an Assistant Professor, the Director of Forensics for PLU’s storied speech and debate team, the T.O.H. Karl Forensics Forum; and the moderator for the Ruth Anderson Public Debate Series. He teaches class such as Applied Research, Argumentation & Advocacy, Introduction to Communication, and Gender & Communication. Dr. Eckstein’s research explores argumentation and debate. His work has appeared in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, The Quarterly Journal of Speech, Western Journal of Communication, Communication Studies, Contemporary Argumentation & Debate,The Journal of Argumentation in Context, Argumentation & Advocacy, and Relevant Rhetoric.

Ruth Anderson Debate 2014