Get Involved!

Most Communication students are involved in at least one co-curricular activity. Activities provide students with valuable experiences to help learn skills, build confidence, and gain marketable experience. Most Communication activities are open to every PLU student, regardless of major, and do not require that the student have previous experience. All it takes is a willingness to learn and the enthusiasm to participate.


MediaLab is an award-winning student media organization, which recruits students with expertise across the media spectrum. MediaLab has developed partnerships with businesses, media outlets, non-profits, and other entities. Such experiences provide MediaLab’s clients with fresh approaches to communication, and give MediaLab students’ unique opportunities for hands-on learning.

Contact MediaLab through email at, or Kate Drazner Hoyt, MediaLab Faculty Advisor at

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Student Media

There are many opportunities for students to participate in student media. These include: The Mooring Mast (student newspaper), LASR (student radio station), and MastTV (student television).

LASR logo, Lute Air Student Radio
The Mooring Mast logo
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Society of Professional Journalism

SPJ is a nationwide organization of some 15,000 journalists and journalist educators. The PLU SPJ chapter is one of more than 100 student chapters in the U.S. Its members meet monthly, present workshops, work with area high school journalists and attend regional and national conferences annually. Topics of particular interest are freedom of information and media ethics.


PLU’s Debate team has a long history of intercollegiate forensics competition. Regionally, nationally and internationally active, students participate in a variety of public speaking events, interpretive reading events, and debate. On average, the program attends 15 tournaments per year and hosts three on PLU’s campus, including one of the largest high school tournaments in the Northwest.

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