Student Transit Benefit Application

To receive the transit benefit, you must complete this application and submit it to Business Operations Office, AUC 207. If you meet the eligibility requirements and are approved, your transit benefit will be activated.

Applications may be submitted at any time, but must be renewed each year in September to continue the benefit. The benefit is available to students during the academic year, September through May.

Revised January 2011; Revised August 2017

PLU will subsidize the cost of a monthly regional pass via a PLU ORCA card, up to a maximum of $62 per month with a $10 minimum out of pocket cost for eligible commuter students.

Eligibility: You must meet all four of the criteria below to be eligible for the transit pass benefit.

  1. Be a full-time commuter student.
  2. Travel by transit to PLU three or more days per week to work or attend classes.
  3. Live outside of specific boundaries roughly described by the following: North is 112th St; East is Pacific Ave; South is Tule Lake Rd; West is Spanaway Loop Rd.
  4. Approval by Student Financial Services. See the application form for details.

Benefit: Purchase the pass at Business Operations Office in the Anderson University Center, Room 207.

  1. Complete and submit the online Student Transit Benefit Application.
  2. Once approved for the academic year, visit Business Operations Office, AUC 207.
  3. Present your current PLU ID card to the cashier at the Business Operations Office to purchase your transit pass.
  4. The cashier discounts the cost of the pass so that the commuter student only pays the amount above $62 with a $10 minimum out of pocket cost.
  5. A monthly regional pass is added to the student’s PLU ORCA card by Business Operations Office. The student should allow up to 4 business days before the pass can be used. The out of pocket cost must be paid by the 10th of the month in order to receive the benefit for that month.


You must have a valid PLU ID card with you in order to receive a PLU ORCA Card.

As a PLU ORCA Cardholder, I agree to the following:

1. I understand that the PLU ORCA Card is owned by PLU and it has been provided to me for my personal use only. I agree that I will not sell or transfer my assigned PLU ORCA Card to another person. I understand that my PLU ORCA Card and any products will be blocked from further use if I misuse this benefit.

2. I will keep my PLU ORCA Card secure and in good condition, and I will immediately report a lost, stolen, or damaged PLU ORCA Card to Human Resources. I understand a lost PLU ORCA Card will be replaced only once per year at a charge of $20.00. A defective PLU ORCA Card will be replaced free of charge, contact Human Resources.

3. I understand that no refunds will be issued, and any ORCA Products I load onto my PLU ORCA Card become the property of PLU, and any unused products will not be refunded.

4. I will return my assigned PLU ORCA Card upon request or when I no longer meet PLU’s eligibility requirements. If I do not return my PLU ORCA Card, I understand that it may be blocked for further use. I understand that my PLU ORCA Card benefits will end on my last day as a PLU student.

5. I understand that the PLU ORCA Card is valid for 100% of transit fares on regularly scheduled transportation service on Pierce Transit.

6. I understand that the PLU ORCA Card is not valid for fare payment on transportation services not specified in Section 5 and I am responsible for paying any additional fares required for services not covered, or not fully covered, by my PLU provided benefits.

7. I understand the ORCA system will record data each time I use my PLU ORCA Card. Data will include the date, time and location of the card when it is presented. I understand this data is owned by the transit agencies and is accessible to PLU.

8. I understand that the ORCA Card must be “tapped” on a card reader to show proof of fare payment or issuance of a valid fare. Merely showing the ORCA Card on a bus, train, ferry or light rail vehicle does not constitute proof of fare payment or issuance of valid fare. I will be subject to a fine if the ORCA Card is not “tapped,” and I understand I will be personally responsible for any fines that may be imposed.

9. I understand that for the correct fare to be recorded, I must “tap” off on a card reader when exiting some transit systems. For example, I must “tap” off when exiting from a Link light rail.

10a. I agree to pay a $20.00 replacement card fee because my assigned PLU ORCA Card was lost or stolen.

10b. I agree to pay the minimum student portion of $10.00 per month toward my PLU ORCA Card. Benefit is available September 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023.

I acknowledge the receipt of my assigned PLU ORCA Card, and understand and agree to the terms stated above on using the PLU ORCA Card. I understand that PLU reserves the right to change or update these policies at any time.