Commuter Learning Community Application - Fall 2018

About Commuter Participation in Learning Communities
Residential Life offers first year commuter students the opportunity to participate in Residential Learning Communities (RLCs). RLCs intentionally link students' First Year Experience Program (FYEP) Writing 101 course with a themed learning community in a residence hall.  As a commuter student, you will be welcomed into the residence hall learning space as a commuter-community member.  We recommend commuter students consider this opportunity - it is a great way to further connect with your faculty and begin to build a strong network of colleagues at PLU.


RLCs will be linked to several FYEP Writing 101 courses topics related to their themes. During New Student Registration (in June), all first-year residents and commuter students who have opted into this experience will sign up for one of these linked FYEP Writing 101 sections. Co-enrollment in linked FYEP Writing 101 courses is available for Fall semester only.

Several spots are being held in the linked course sections for first-year commuter students to join these RLCs. Commuter students who join this community will be required to attend certain co-curricular offerings as part of the linked course.

Student Information
Living Learning Community Options
Read the description of each community then choose your top 1-3 in order of preference below. The earlier you submit this form the more likely you will be assigned to one of your top choice.

Diversity, Justice and Sustainability

Diversity, Justice and Sustainability includes four related topics: First in the Family, Students of Color, Environmental & Social Justice, and Lavender Community (LGBTQ+).This community is for students interested in gaining and increased understanding of their social and cultural identities through reflection on values while learning how to create positive change in their communities.

Hinderlie Community for Creative Expression

Hinderlie Community for Creative Expression challenges students to explore the meaning of creativity in our world and promotes creativity as a mechanism of expression, activism, leadership, and reflection.

Hong International Hall

Hong International Hall focus on global engagement including 5 spoken languages (Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish) and a connection with the International Honors program. 

STEM House

The STEM House is a community of students who are interested in engaging in conversations and activities about Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics. This includes both those who intend to or are majoring in a STEM-related field as well as those who just love the sciences and want to remain immersed in a culture of like-interested students.

Wellness House

The Wellness House is a community of students who are interested in engaging in conversations and activities that promote and sustain healthy lifestyles. This includes transitioning to college in a way that develops healthy habits around mindfulness, diet, exercise, substance use, time management, and mental health.

Supplemental Questions

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Ranking Classes

Each Residential Learning Community (RLC) offers between one and four linked First Year Experience Program (FYEP) Writing 101 courses that relate to the theme of the living learning community. Download the Fall 2018 Residential Learning Community (RLC) Linked FYEP 101 Courses document to read these course descriptions and learn more about RLC linked courses. After reading this information, please rank your preferences for class enrollment. 

Application Submission
Thank you for completing an application to participate in a learning community linked with a Fall 2018 FYEP Writing 101 course. Residential Life and Academic Advising will be reviewing your preferences and assigning students to course sections based on their rankings on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you are pre-registered for a linked section of FYEP Writing 101, you will be sent a notification email confirming your registration. When you participate in New Student Registration (in June), you can confirm with your registration counselor your class registration. 

For Additional Information & Questions
If you have additional question about any of the living learning community options, linked courses, and/or your application status, please contact:

Department of Residential Life
Phone: 253-535-7200

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