Commuter Student Resources

Commuter Students are invited to utilize ALL campus resources.  The following are resources specific to commuter students and their needs.

automobile icon Parking on campus

Commuter Students and Carpool Parking passes are available through Campus Safety.

Orca card icon Public Transit

PLU offers an Orca Card subsidy for Commuter Students who live more than 1 mile away from campus and use transit 3+ times a week.

footprints icon Walking

Campus Safety provides walking and shuttle escorts. Call ahead for their availability and estimated time of arrival.

Commuter Communities

All students who live off campus are members of The CAVE and Kreidler Lounge communities.

  • The CAVE is a community for first and second year commuter students.
  • Kreidler Lounge is a community for junior, senior, commuter, transfer, and Veteran students.

As a member of these communities you will receive a bi-monthly newsletter, invitations participate in community programing, and direct access to Community Advocates as peer resources.

Commuter Students + First Year Linked Learning Communities

Residential Life offers first year commuter students the opportunity to participate in Residential Learning Communities (RLCs). RLCs intentionally link students’ First Year Experience Program (FYEP) Writing 101 course with a themed learning community in a residence hall.  As a commuter student, you will be welcomed into the residence hall learning space as a commuter-community member.  We recommend commuter students consider this opportunity – it is a great way to further connect with your faculty and begin to build a strong network of colleagues at PLU.

RLCs will be linked to several FYEP Writing 101 courses topics related to their themes. During New Student Registration (in June), all first-year residents and commuter students who have opted into this experience will sign up for one of these linked FYEP Writing 101 sections. Co-enrollment in linked FYEP Writing 101 courses is available for Fall semester only.

Several spots are being held in the linked course sections for first-year commuter students to join these RLCs. Commuter students who join this community will be required to attend certain co-curricular offerings as part of the linked course. RLC’s commuter students are invited to opt into include:

Hinderlie Community for Creative Expression Hall

Stuen Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability

Tingelstad Health & Wellness and STEM

locker clipart

Anderson University Center: 30 Semester use lockers are available downstairs in the AUC next to Campus Ministry. Visit the CAVE or Diversity Center for availability.

Rieke Science Center: 25 lockers are available in Rieke on a first come basis. Inquire with the Division of Natural Science in Suite 158 for availability.

On Campus Dining - Eating in the Commons is a big part of the PLU culture and a great way to connect with the PLU community. Picture of a sandwich.
Eating in the Commons is a big part of the PLU culture and a great way connect with the PLU community. We recommend that Commuter Students consider purchasing a meal plan, dining dollars, and/or LuteBuck$.

Dinning Dollars can only be used to purchase food and they are tax free! Dining dollars are available to use at all campus restaurant locations. Don’t worry about losing Dining Dollars during the academic year because they carry over from term to term and do not expire until the last day of the spring term. Visit the Dining Dollars site to learn more about them.

AYCTE (all-you-care-to-eat) Meal Period occur Sunday brunch & Sunday–Friday dinners. There are two flexible plans that are perfect for off-campus students, Meal Plan E and Meal Plan G. They come with either 20 or 50 AYCTE periods you can use during the semester. Having a meal plan makes it easy to share time with friends and nourish those on-campus friendships.

LuteBuck$ are also accepted at all Campus Restaurant locations and roll over term to term while you are a PLU student. LuteBuck$ can be added in person at OMM or Auc 207 or online on the GET APP. Learn more here.

Off-campus Students Meal Plans

The following meal plans are designed for commuter students. For your more information, visit PLU Campus Restaurants.

  • Plan E: 50 one-admittance AYTCE meals + $354 Dining Dollars = $1039
  • Plan F: 20 one-admittance AYTCE meals + $260 Dining Dollars = $536
  • Plan G: $536 Dining Dollars = $536

Commuter Students interested in on campus jobs and leadership positions are invited and encouraged to apply to all positions on the Career Opportunities Board.   While all on campus positions welcome and value the skills and talents of all students, the following student leadership positions seek experience in commuting to PLU and/or an interest in working with commuter students:

  • CAVE Community Advocates are community builders committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus for commuter and transfer students through programing, one-on-one connections, and advocacy through their involvement in The CAVE.
  • ASPLU Off Campus Senator (1) – In addition to being able to serve in ASPLU Senator roles through their class year and the at large capacity, students must live off campus to serve as the Off Campus Senator.

Commuter Student who are less than 20 years of age or who have less than Junior Status (60 semester hours) on or before September 1 are permitted to live off campus with completion of the following required documentation:

  • Students living at home with parent within 25 driving miles of PLU must submit a notarized Confirmation of Living at Home Form (COLAH).
  •  Students living with a spouse must submit a certified copy of their marriage license and those students living with a child must present a certified birth certificate for the dependent child.

For more questions visit the Department of Residence Life’s required documents page at:

Composting + Recycling Off Campus

Lutes are encouraged to participate in the universities commitment to living a sustainable life.  Learn about on-campus resource for composting and recycling for students who live off campus.