Welcome to the Lute Master Class!

An experience designed for PLU off-campus students who are interested in developing community, leadership styles, and thriving as an undergraduate.



The CAVE is excited to offer our very first iteration of Lutes MasterClass this fall semester! After seeking feedback from commuter students, we noticed there were three areas that students are most interested in during their first semester at PLU. The three themes included creating friendships with other off-campus students, learning about campus resources, and strategies to thrive. Throughout the fall semester, Lutes MasterClass will explore topics such as tech savvy tips, leadership styles, study away, and DJS values (diversity, justice, sustainability). This experience will be coordinated by The CAVE Community Advocates and will include PLU campus partners to share their expertise with you. We invite you to join us and create some community connections as we navigate this remote learning experience!

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This fall semester, participants will be able to:

+Engage in weekly touchpoints with new students who live off campus

+Create connections with a peer mentor, new students, and staff lead

+Provide knowledge so students can confidently navigate PLU resources and communities online and when we return in person

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Tech Savvy: Tips and tricks with Google

Welcome to PLU! As a student, you will be diving deep into many tech platforms used at the university to support learning and growth, including Sakai and Google apps for education (e.g., gmail, google calendar, google docs, sheets, and slides). This week we will primarily be focusing on Google apps since it’s the platform used commonly by staff, faculty, and students. Join our group this week to learn about some tech tips that will be useful today and in the future!

VIA Strengths

Strengths are like muscles – they can be strengthened or weakened by working or not working on them. It’s important to use your strengths and “flex” them whenever possible. The VIA Strengths classification include – Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance and Transcendence. From the six virtues, we will start to understand the building blocks of ourselves and the core of creating who we are as people. How will you harness your strengths?

Before you join:


FAFSA/WASFA Workshop is an event designed to assist first-year, first-generation, commuter, and undocumented students with the process of applying for financial aid. Staff from the Office of Financial Aid as well as FAFSA/WASFA specialists will be available to answer any questions or concerns. This is a safe space for any and all students who want extra help navigating the application for federal or state financial aid.

Before filling out the FASFA/WAFSA, make sure to gather your FSA ID, 2019 tax returns, and/or W-2s, that way you are able to fill out all information.

Also Consider: 
– Applying for external scholarships – most are fairly short essays
– Doing research to find scholarships based on identities and personal experiences (ability, foster/legal guardianships, etc.)
– DCenter Rieke Scholarships and CGE scholarships, with opportunities for professional and/or personal development
– Find scholarships from your community, consider local scholarships like 4H
– Some can be renewed for multiple years




 Off-Campus Housing

Finding housing can be a hassle. Our team is here to help sort through various options available to students who are seeking housing near PLU and in the greater Tacoma area. We will also chat about rental applications, finding roommates, navigating housing wants/needs, and answer any questions that would be helpful as you map out your next search process.

4 Leadership Styles

Bolman and Deal (2008) stated that leaders should look at and approach organizational issues from four perspectives, which they called ‘frames’. A ‘frame’ is a mental model-a set of ideas and assumptions-that you carry in your head to help you understand and negotiate a particular context. We will be providing an assessment tool that will assist you in determining the ‘frames’ that influence your unique leadership style.

Degree Planning

It may be your first semester at PLU, but it’s never too early to talk about your academic plan for future semesters! Join us during this week to discuss degree requirements, major/minor exploration, and how to read your CAPP report so you can track your degree progress. Mapping an academic degree is like putting together a puzzle and we are here to help each step of the way!

Global Education

Are you considering a study away experience? This year is definitely different given the global pandemic especially when it relates to international travel. During this week, we are partnering with the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education to offer some insider knowledge of study away. This is a great opportunity to meet Wang Center staff, explore pathways, and how study away can line up with your

DJS Part 1 – Identities and Bias

At PLU, we are guided by strong DJS values – Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability. There are countless ways that DJS values can be actualized. During this session we will complicate the concepts of social identities through learning about dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression and how these dynamics manifest in the forms of implicit bias and microaggressions. We will conclude with strategies for disrupting systems of oppression (both at PLU and other intersecting communities), including active bystander intervention, critical reflection, and community engagement.

DJS Part 2 – Putting the ‘ACT’ in activism

During DJS Part 1 we started to unpack our social identities and strategies to address bias. Next, we will build upon our foundation and learn about various ways to put action to activism. From marching in the streets to supporting local grassroots organizations – activism can and should take many forms to address the inequities we face in our institutions. Let’s come together and start building coalitions!

Financial Wellness

What’s a budget? This concept can seem scary and unfamiliar but we are here to help! During this week we will chat about how to begin spending wisely, including managing your meal plan, using on/off campus employment funds wisely, how to manage living expenses when living on vs off-campus, and answer some questions that are on the forefront of your mind.

Thanksgiving Break

No content this week. See you after break!

Strength, Resilience, & Struggling Through Change

School can already be stressful and navigating academics through a pandemic has its own twists and challenges. We recognize this is a particularly difficult year which is why we want to offer a session solely dedicated to practicing skills for resilience. There will also be specific PLU resources offered for students to aid in mental health, physical wellness, and persistence.

Community & Care

This will be our last gathering and we will be offering some fun give-away items and PLU swag. We hope you will keep the Lute spirit strong! Our team will also discuss ways to get involved and stay connected during J-term.