The CAVE will be open Fall 2021!

Additional Study Spots:

Anderson University Center (AUC): there are tables on both swipe-accessible floors designated for studying

Mortvedt Library: The open spaces in the library are available, the third floor is the quiet floor, and the study rooms will become available for rsvp.

Academic Buildings: Any buildings you have classes in you will have access to until the evening.

Outdoor Areas: Outdoor picnic tables, benches, and grassy areas are always available to study or hang out at, as long as social distancing-guidelines are followed.

In partnership with Student Involvement and Leadership, The CAVE opened in Fall 2013 an on campus community for commuter and transfer students. The CAVE is a great place to hang out, meet other students, catch up with friends, study, enjoy lunch, or rest between classes. Though it is called “The CAVE” the physical space is vibrant and the diverse community members create a warm and welcoming space for all. After 5pm and on the weekends, The CAVE hosts concerts, performances, and club meetings.


Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm


The basement of the Anderson University Center

How To Reserve The Cave

There are a couple of ways to reserve The CAVE: 

  • If you are part of a club or organization: connect with your advisor and they will be able to help with navigating the logistics of the EMS webpage

  • If you are a student employee: connect with your supervisor and they will be able to reserve the space via the EMS webpage

  • If you want to talk with someone in person: visit the Hospitality Services office on the 2nd floor of the Anderson University Center (AUC Suite 280)

The CAVE has the following amenities:

  • 2 computers with access via PLU epass

  • Tables, chairs, couches

  • White board with markers

  • Speaker system and projector connected via desktop computer

  • Board games and card games

  • Kitchenette that includes microwave, refrigerator, dishes, utensils, keurig, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water cooler

For additional non-tech set up: 

  • Examples include extra folding chairs, banquet tables, pipe and drape, etc.

  • Be sure to include additional item requests in the EMS space reservation. If you want to make changes to your request after it has been submitted call 253-535-7450 OR visit the Hospitality Services office on the 2nd floor of the Anderson University Center (AUC Suite 280)

If you would like extra tech support:

  • Examples include microphones, recording/streaming shows, stage lighting, TV projection

  • Be sure to include tech specific requests in the EMS space reservation submission

  • Send an email to OR call 253-535-7509 OR visit the Mortvedt Library Room 128

If you would like catering: 

  • Be sure to include catering in the EMS space reservation submission

  • Submit your catering requests via Event Order Form on the webpage ( OR call 253-535-7450 OR visit the Hospitality Services office on the 2nd floor of the Anderson University Center (AUC Suite 280)

Space Resources

  • Refrigerator & Microwave: Students are welcome to leave their lunch in the refrigerator and utilize the “kitchen” space.  Please note there is no sink in the space.
  • Computer: all PLU student have access to the computer
  • Couches: some of the comfiest couches on campus, students are welcome to get comfortable and rest between class
  • Games: board games and foosball galore!
  • Programs: designed to connect commuter and transfer students with campus resources, traditions, success strategies, and community.

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Kasey Gardner

I’m Kasey Gardner. I am currently a junior studying anthropology and religion. I am a chronically ill/disabled, queer, non-traditional student. My area of expertise is in resilience and finding ways to navigate systems that are not designed for people like me. My favorite resource on campus is the Office of Accessibility and Accommodation. They are so helpful and really want to make sure that every student has the support they need to succeed!

My email is: