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Brent Chamberlain, PLU '02
Dr. Brent Chamberlain, Computer Science & Business '02

Brent Chamberlain

Brent Chamberlain, Computer Science (& Business) ’02 married another PLU alum in 2005, Andrea (Hively) Chamberlain ’04, and moved to Vancouver, BC for graduate school. He then completed a Masters, Ph.D. and PostDoc at UBC with stints in Brazil and Switzerland. While his graduate degrees were in fields unrelated to his BS, he says that he has relied heavily on the high expectations and critical thinking taught to him at PLU.

He recalls that he chose PLU because of the diverse programs for a small college, excellent reputation, great financial aid and scholarship package. Then came Natural Sciences – he took CS 144 (Introduction to Computer Programming) with Dr. Blaha his first year. Toward the end of the course, Dr. Blaha suggested that Brent might consider majoring. The rest is history.

Brent’s most fond memory of his time at PLU is a Murdock outing to Spokane for presentations as part of the summer research program working with Dr. Sam Chung. He adds that his menotors, Eli Berniker and Chung-Shing Lee played a significant role in encouraging him to attend graduate school. His one piece of advice for current NSCI students is if they are interested in graduate school to look far and wide and keep pursuing. Explore other degrees.

Brent is now an Assistant Professor at Utah State University in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (read more about Brent’s work at:

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