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The “Hard Problem” in CS

Posted by: / November 25, 2014

The ``Hard Problem`` in Computer Science

The “Hard Problem” in Computer Science (and Physics and Biology and Medicine and …)

By Richard Spillman

Thursday, December 4th —3:40 pm
Morken Center—Room 103

What is the ultimate goal of computer science? Could it be a quantum computer? Could it be a neural computer? Could it be any kind of machine that would have artificial intelligence? If so, what would that look like? And more importantly what would that mean to all the other sciences? These are hard questions in computer science but they lead to what is generally called in Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, and Computer Science – “The Hard Problem”. It is the problem of what is consciousness? This talk will explore this problem from the perspective of computer science but in doing so it will also look at how the issue is perceived by Physicists, Neurobiologists, and philosophers.