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Test Driven Development (TDD)

By Tim Irwin

Ascentis Software Corporation

BS Computer Science, BA Philosophy, PLU 1993

Tuesday, May 5 —3:40 pm

Morken Center—Room 132


Code quality, or lack thereof costs software companies and the companies that use the software huge amounts of money. It is well known that the earlier a bug is found, the less expensive it is to fix. Test Driven Development (TDD) and unit testing focuses on finding and preventing bugs before the code leaves the developer.

I will present the case for and some theory behind both TDD and unit testing along with samples and techniques for each. I’ve worked at companies ranging from 65 employees to 90,000 including Weyerhaeuser, Microsoft, and currently Ascentis Software Corporation. Most of my career I’ve worked on the Microsoft stack – C, C++, C#,, and SQL Server I’m currently working on a system utilizing a Java web application, MongoDB, and Google’s Dart language for client side programming. Thanks in large part to my PLU background I’m a full stack programmer and work on code ranging from stored procedures to CSS. Some days I’ve used 5-6 different languages.


Refreshments will be provided.