Summer Course – Modeling and Simulation

CSCE 487 SPECIAL TOPICS: MODELING & SIMULATION What will you study? Introduction to modeling and simulation. Most useful modeling techniques and implement them with real-life examples. Models will be based

The “Hard Problem” in CS

The “Hard Problem“ in Computer Science The “Hard Problem” in Computer Science (and Physics and Biology and Medicine and …) By Richard Spillman Thursday, December 4th —3:40 pm Morken Center—Room

Linux Kernel Development

Tech Talk: Linux Kernel Development Linux Kernel Development-Too Fast To Be Stable  By Greg Kroah-Hartman Thursday, November 20th —3:40 pm Morken Center—Room 103 The Linux kernel is the largest collaborative

Windows Programming Class J-Term 2015

Dr. Michael Halvorson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History Tues-Fri, 11:30 a.m. – 2:20 p.m. 4 Credits CSCE 487 is a J-term 2015 “special topics” course designed to introduce Computer Science