What do we do?

The Concierge offers many services to students, faculty, and the community.

These services range from trip planning to dry cleaning to adding LuteBucks to your account!

Click through the accordion tabs below to learn more about how we can help you.

Regular Hours

7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday
10:00am – 2:00pm

Need a ride to the airport or train station? Want to go downtown, but don’t have a car? Trying to plan a class outing or business trip downtown? Give us a call and we’ll help plan a trip for you! Or, pick up a bus schedule and transit route map at the Concierge so you can plan your own. Whether it’s looking at the bus schedule, generating a trip, or getting an Orca pass, we can help you! Plan a trip using the Pierce Transit trip planner.

For full-time employees… Did you know that as a full time employee, you are eligible for a reduced-price Orca Card that is good for a year? That’s right! The benefits are processed annually, and go from June to May. Pay a one-time fee and use the card as often as you want. More information can be found on the PLU Commute page. If you decide you want one, stop by the Concierge to fill out the paperwork and get your Orca card!

For commuter students… PLU offers a subsidized Orca card to students who live off campus. You pay a small monthly fee and are good to go! To find out whether you’re eligible and to fill out the student transit application. Once you get approved, you can come to the Concierge to get your Orca card!

The Campus Concierge is home to the Community Box Office, a full service ticketing center for campus sponsored events held on or off-campus. Contact the CBO about selling your tickets at the Concierge Desk or to purchase tickets for an upcoming event.

Faxes You can send or receive faxes at the Concierge. Faxes cost $0.50 per page plus tax. We also require that you have a cover sheet, which we provide.

Copies There is a copy machine close to the Concierge desk in the Anderson University Center (AUC). If you’re a PLU student, you only need to swipe your card to make your copies. If you’re a guest, we can loan you a card and then ring you up for the amount of copies you made. The price for everyone is $.06 per copy.

Dining Dollars are used to buy food items, tax free, at any campus restaurant. Students may want to supplement their meal plan with additional Dining Dollars. There are two ways to purchase dining dollars:

  1. In-person at the Concierge Desk: Make sure you bring your LuteCard and preferred method of payment to the Concierge, and we’ll add Dining Dollars to your account that will be available to use right away! There is a minimum purchase of $20, and they do expire at the end of Spring Semester. Pay with cash/check, debit/credit, or LuteBucks. Note: You cannot charge your student account at the desk!
  2. Online: Complete an online request form to purchase Dining Dollars (still a $20 minimum fee, whole dollar amounts only). Within 72 hours, dining dollars will be added to your LuteCard and a charge will be made to your student account.

For more information about Dining Dollars, including a budget chart for how many you should have left and purchasing them online, check out the Campus Restaurant website!

LuteBucks are a convenient way to always have money with you regardless of where you go!

Who may use the Fitness center?
Students, Faculty, Staff, and Dependents over the age of 18 may use Names Fitness Center free of charge as long as they have filled out the fitness center release form. The release form is typically filled out at the time that your LuteCard is issued.
Alumni may use the fitness center free of charge for up to one year after graduation. If it has been more than a year since the Alumni graduated, he or she must purchase a pass or a membership.
The general public may use the fitness center. If you are a member of the general public wish to use the fitness center you must be 18 years of age or older and will need to purchase a pass or a membership at the Concierge desk.
What you get
Access to Names Fitness Center and Olson Gym during public hours.
The fitness center memberships does not include access to the PLU swimming pool. The PLU swimming pool is free to all PLU students, Faculty, and Staff. The public price for swimming is $4.00 per session.
Types and Prices*
1 Day Pass $5.00
2 Week Pass $20.00
1 Month Pass $30.00
PLU Alumni 6 Month Membership $60.00
PLU Alumni 12 Month Membership $120.00
Public 6 Month Membership $120.00
Public 12 Month Membership $240.00
*Tax will be charged on all passes and memberships.

If you have any items that are too difficult to clean yourself, bring them to the Concierge and we will send it out for you. Items include; shirts and blouses, pants, suits, jackets, regalia, bedding, and much more. Service is provided by American Dry Cleaning Service a locally owned business located in Lakewood WA.

Lost your LuteCard? Check with us! All LuteCards are returned to the Concierge. Please come check with us if you have lost your LuteCard.

The Concierge is the University’s ID Card Office; we issue all new and replacement LuteCards. If your card isn’t working as expected, visit the Concierge desk and we’ll fix it for you.

Or, bring your card here if you need to add LuteBucks or Dining Dollars.

If your LuteCard has been lost or stolen, report it to us right away. You can call us at 253-535-7411 or Report your card lost online.

For more information, visit the LuteCard page.

Payment for campus parking tickets are only taken at the Campus Concierge. You must have the parking ticket with you at the time of payment. Please note that if you come within one business day, the price will be reduced by 50%. If you think you were unjustly issued a parking ticket, please contact Campus Safety. More information about parking and ticket information can be found on Campus Safety’s Parking page. Please note: tickets issued by the county sheriff cannot be paid through the Concierge; please follow the instructions provided on the ticket.

If you are selling tickets for an event or conducting a fundraiser, the Concierge may be able to help. We can be the cashier for your University approved fundraiser. If you would like more information on how we may be able to assist you with sales please contact Cora Stoneham at extension 8795 or by email stonehce@plu.edu. To request our services to sell tickets for your event, please fill out a ticket sales request form. Please be aware that requests require at least two weeks notice to offer the best service.

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