Office ofCongregation Relations

What is a PLU Partner Congregation?

PLU Partner Congregations are those Lutheran Congregations who:

  • Provide annual financial support with a minimum of $500 to the Annual Fund, or establish and maintain a PLUMS scholarship fund for students who attend PLU from their congregations.
  • Plan a PLU Sunday or other event that lifts up the university and congregational partnership.
  • Encourage the daughters and sons of the congregation to consider PLU, and supply names and contact information for all confirmands and other youth who wish to be on the mailing list.
By becoming a PLU Partner Congregation, confirmation students will receive a $1000 college scholarship to PLU. The Confirmation Scholarship is awarded to youth upon the completion of their confirmation class. The scholarship is redeemable upon admission and enrollment to Pacific Lutheran University. It is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study.