College Chemistry Tutorial: Preparation for Chem 115

This program serves as an introduction to and review of basic chemical principles, reactions and mathematical skills that will be required. It has been specifically designed as a preparatory class for students who have been away from the subject for a while or desire a brush up on their knowledge and abilities in this area.


At the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate:

  • The fundamental concepts of chemistry as appropriate: 
  • Research skills in chemistry, including proper laboratory notebook and record keeping skills, recognizing hazards, minimizing risks, and safe laboratory practices.
  • The ability to search, understand, and put into use chemical literature as well as general scientific publications.
  • Effective communication skills in multiple formats including written work and/or oral presentations.

This class has been specifically designed for:

  • Students that plan to take CHEM 115 in Fall 2020 or in J-term 2021 and that…
    • never took a chemistry class in high school or…
    • took a chemistry class in high school but feel unsure about their level of preparation, or those that…
    • took chemistry more than one year ago and would benefit from a refresher course.
  • Students that would like to review the algebra skills that will be used in CHEM 115.
  • Students that would like to learn how to use Sakai and other online resources so that they can become familiar with how to learn CHEM 115 online this year.

Study at your own pace, finishing one unit per week (for a total of 3). Each unit (week) will require approximately 6-10 hours of study.  The instructor will be available during posted office hours for help with the material.


Delivery Method: On-line (self-paced, lock step)

Credit: 1, undergraduate continuing education

Cost: $200.00

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