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Positive Coaching: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons (KINS 904): April 6, 2020 – May 5, 2020

This course deepens and extends the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance’s (PCA’s) Double Goal Coach®. Positive coaching will be defined and the effect on athlete’s participation, persistence, effort, performance and sport experience will be explained. Specifically, this course will focus on the following PCA principles: filling emotional tanks, ELM tree of mastery, and honoring the game. In addition, data and research supporting the purpose and efficacy of implementing positive coaching techniques will be explored.

Positive Coaching: Culture, Practice and Games (KINS 905): Spring and Summer Dates TBA

This course deepens and extends the principles of PCA’s Double Goal Coach®: Culture, Practice and Games. This course will help develop skills to create a team culture of excellence. Creating dynamic practices and using research-driven strategies for motivating athletes before, during and after practice will be a specific focus. Coaches who complete the course are equipped to build a team culture that provides an environment for athletes to thrive, love their experience with sports, and channel their energy into reaching their potential.

Positive Coaching: Developing Triple Impact Competitors (KINS 906): Spring and Summer Dates TBA

This course deepens and extends the principles of PCA’s Double Goal Coach®: Triple Impact Competitor course. Helping coaches work with athletes to implement the Triple Impact Competitor mindset will be a particular focus. Special attention will be given to theories and applications associated with personal mastery and leadership development in athletes. The PCA principle of Honoring the Game will also be explored.

Positive Coaching: Working Well with Parents (KINS 907): Summer Dates TBA

This course deepens and extends the principles presented in PCA’s Second Goal Parent: Developing Winners in Life Through Sport. Special attention is paid to the knowledge and skills coaches need to develop effective and productive parent-coach relationships. An examination of critical socio-cultural factors that influence youth sport will be a particular focus. In addition, specific PCA tools will also be covered including effective and developmentally appropriate communication strategies for parents to use with their athlete, and techniques to maximize appropriate parental behavior in order to provide a positive game day experience for athletes.

Positive Coaching: Working Well with Officials (KINS 908): Summer Dates TBA

This course deepens and extends the principles presented in PCA’s Honoring the Game: The Official’s Role in Creating a Positive Youth Sport Culture. Specific focus will be paid to how coaches can work effectively with officials to develop a mastery mindset and to build a strong culture of sportspersonship on and off the field. The course examines the research and theories behind the best practices of officials from across the country and from a wide variety of sports.


This Medical Terminology course is a self-paced course, which must be completed within 5 weeks of your start/access date. This online course is designed to help students in mastering medical vocabulary and terms. The intended audience includes students in pre-physical therapy, nursing, nursing assistants/aides, medical technologists, medical assistants, physician’s assistants and other persons in the allied health and paramedical fields. It is worth 1.5 CEUs or 1 academic credit.


Other courses will be available in the future for kinesiology professionals. Refer back to this page for diversity training, leadership workshops, and other courses for coaches and others with an interest in these topics.


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