Strategies for Helping Student-Athletes Manage Stress

Mental Health Wellness: Creating a Mental Health Toolkit for Mentors
Instructor: Lynn Tucker, MS, NSCA-CPT

This course will provide coaches, supervisors, teachers, and other mentors with strategies for helping mentees manage stress. Coaches will leave this course with a toolbox of positive coping strategies and skills they can share.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the 7-Dimensions of Wellness and how they impact health and performance
  • Understand the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) on healthy human growth and development
  • Understand the main types of stress – acute stress, chronic stress and eustress
  • Explain how stress impacts health and performance
  • Understand the importance of self-care on stress, health and performance
  • Teach athletes how to use a Wellness Log to
    • record practices that impact stress (sleep, food/energy intake, etc)
    • reflect upon actions / patterns that increase or decrease stress
  • Guide athletes in developing healthy stress management techniques using the Self-Care Table as a resource
    • Coaches will practice these techniques in order to better understand how they work
    • The goal is that coaches will develop a complete toolbox of options to meet the diverse needs of athletes

Strategies will address:

  1. Stress management in the moment – what can someone do “right now, in this moment”, to reduce their acute stress
  2. Coping skills for daily stress management and, lastly
  3. Life skills and practices for developing a long -term robust stress management plan that can adapt to the needs of the individual as they grow and change.

Enroll in this 15 hour program and finish in 5 weeks or less!

Dates: February 2, 20234 – May 18, 2024

Location: Online, self-paced –REGISTER AT ANY TIME

Cost: $175.00 per course, discount for PLU family

Credit Type: 15 OSPI approved clock hours

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Effective Coaching Certificate Series

Effective Coaching Certificate Series
Instructor: Mallory Mann, Ph.D., CMPC, PCA certified

Register for and successfully complete all 3 self-paced, online courses in the Effective Coaching Certificate Series and receive a discount. (not available 2024)

  1. Leading Dynamic Practices
    Participants will learn how to create routines to maximize practice efficiency and impact
    Participants will learn how to implement appropriately challenging drills
  2. Delivering Feedback Effectively
    Participants will learn strategies for delivering appropriate amounts of feedback on time
    Participants will learn how to deliver corrective feedback after errors in ways that increase the likelihood student-athletes will implement the information immediately
  3. Cultivating a Motivational Team Climate
    Participants will learn the importance of creating a mastery motivational climate
    Participants will learn strategies to ensure they are reinforcing the climate they want to create

Location: Online, self-paced

Cost: $225.00 for the complete course or $85 for each class

Credit Type: 15 OSPI approved clock hours for complete course or 5 clock hours each class

Completing the 3 courses successfully includes an Effective Coaching I Certificate.

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