The PLU Transition Team was appointed by the University Recovery Team as an advisory group to coordinate our transition as a university from summer into fall of the coming academic year (2021–22). Barring unforeseen spikes or outbreaks, the COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to decline in severity in Washington as vaccination rates reach critical levels for community immunity in conjunction with ongoing public health measures. Our university must prepare to transition to a primarily in-person learning community, but one that continues to address the impacts of the pandemic. The PLU Transition Team includes faculty and staff members associated with a variety of units who will work to gather questions, investigate concerns, and seek out data from all campus partners. Our primary goal is to keep the University Recovery Team informed during their development of any new policies or guidelines as we approach the upcoming summer and fall 2021 semesters.  


  • Chair: Neal Yakelis, Chemistry, Faculty Vice-chair
  • Jess Cotton, Residential Life
  • Kathy Engle, Advancement
  • Eva Frey, Student Life
  • Erin McGinnis, Hospitality Services and Campus Restaurants
  • Kris Plaehn, Center for Student Success
  • Luke Ruiz, Diversity Center