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I need to get my I-20 signed for travel ASAP! What can I do? – March 30

The International Student Center is closed as Heather Jacobson and Hiro Kuroiwa-Lewis work from home. However, a travel signature is something that we can delay and take care of later by physical mail. You don’t need a valid travel signature to leave the U.S., only to enter it, so if you’re not planning to return until next fall there will be plenty of time to mail a new I-20 to your home country. Please contact Heather for instructions on requesting a replacement I-20.

Since the university is moving to remote learning, I plan to leave campus and come back by April 27th. What should I do before I depart? – March 16

If living on-campus, contact the Office of Residential Life regarding checking out of your room prior to departure. Please also notify International Student Services of your travel plans.

If I don't feel comfortable returning to my home country due to COVID-19 or other concerns, can I stay in my residence hall? – March 16

Yes, you can remain living in your on-campus residence.

Does transitioning to distance learning affect international students' immigration status? – March 16

Given the extraordinary circumstances we are in, the U.S. government has announced that restrictions on online learning will be relaxed temporarily. International students will maintain their F-1 or J-1 visa status while PLU transitions to distance learning, even if they choose to return to their home country for part of the semester.

I am graduating in May and plan to apply for OPT, but I want to go home for a few weeks. What should I do? – March 16

Students will maintain their F-1 status and eligibility for OPT, even if they choose to return home for part of the semester. However, OPT applications must be mailed from within the U.S., so students are advised to complete their applications before returning home. Please contact Heather Jacobson, Coordinator of ISS, if you have additional questions about OPT.

I am on CPT right now: Do I need to stop my employment? – March 16

Students on CPT are not required to stop their employment. However, they should discuss with their CPT employer whether alternate work arrangements (such as working from home) are feasible.Please contact Heather Jacobson, Coordinator of ISS, if you have additional questions about CPT.

Will it affect my PLU scholarship if I return to my home country? – March 16

No, as long as you stay enrolled. If you withdraw from your classes and receive a tuition refund, then your scholarship might be prorated.

What else will International Student Services do to support international students? – March 16

International Student Services remains committed to supporting international students as they navigate these challenging times. If you have questions or concerns, we are available to advise you and we will help liaise with other offices as needed to support you.

If I'm interested in applying for Fall 2020 as an international student, what do I do? Are you still accepting applications? – March 16

Yes, we are still accepting applications. Please follow our standard application procedure for undergraduate admission HERE.

For graduate admission, please go HERE.

I have been admitted for Summer/Fall 2020. Will PLU open as scheduled? – March 16

Yes. At this time, no change is planned for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please refer to our Academic Calendar .