Wellness Check-in (Attestation)

This must be taken daily when you expect to be participating in university activities (on-campus OR virtually).

PLU Students

Pre-arrival Wellness Check-in

All students should complete the daily pre-arrival Wellness Check-In beginning at least 14 days before arriving on campus. All students are strongly encouraged to follow public-health guidance, limit activities, and stay close to home for the 14 days prior to joining campus life.

During the academic year

All Lutes will be expected to attest to their health via the Wellness Check-In every day that they visit campus or participate in a PLU-related activity this semester, whether they participate in person or remotely.

One expectation: students who have opted for 100% remote learning through the fall semester and will not be coming to campus for any reason are excused from Wellness Check-In.

Why a Wellness Check-in?
When all members of our community complete the Wellness Check-In regularly and accurately, community members can have greater assurance about the health of everyone with whom they will come into contact, and individuals who are experiencing symptoms can get the care that they need.

Wellness Check-In

Take a self-assessment to determine if you are able to come to campus.

Attestation Reports

Review daily assessments of those reporting to you.

PLU Employees

Guidelines: Per the State of Washington Phased Reopening for Higher Education, PLU must “screen all employees/students at the beginning of their day by asking them if they have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, or new loss of taste or smell.” This requirement serves the purpose of ensuring that all campus community members remain vigilant of their health in order to avoid the possible transmission of COVID-19 onto our campus. Additionally, a YES response to any of the questions will increase the effectiveness of tracing possible contacts in the event an individual is suspected of or tests positive for COVID-19.

Expectations: Because this attestation is a requirement for reopening our campus to in-person learning and returning to our workplaces, there is the absolute expectation that all members of the community – faculty, staff and residential/commuter students – will comply with this before they commence with their day on campus (e.g. work, dining, athletics, classes). This link will take you to your ePass login and the attestation, and depending on your responses , you’ll be given approval to come to campus, or you’ll be advised that your answer/s require you to stay home, contact your supervisor or professor and call your healthcare provider if you’re an employee, or /the PLU Health Center if you’re a student, for further direction.

Beyond this expectation as part of the State Guidelines, there is the expectation of all members of our community to consider the health and safety of one another, especially those more vulnerable to COVID-19, and to develop the daily practice of care that is inherent in the PLU mission.


Take a self-assessment to determine if you are able to come to campus.

Attestation Reports

Review daily assessments of those reporting to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to submit the attestation?

Daily. All students and employees are required to submit the attestation on a daily basis on days when they would normally be on campus.

I’m not going to be on campus today. Do I need to submit the attestation?

Yes. If you would, under normal circumstances, be expected on campus (work, classes, etc.) you need to submit the form. The Attestation allows you to note you do not plan to be on campus today).

Do I have to wait for someone to tell me I can come to campus?

No. If you are able to answer ‘no’ to all questions and you are a member of a group that has been approved to be on campus, you may proceed.

What happens if I answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions?

If you answer yes to any of the questions on the attestation, you will be advised to not come to campus. If you are an employee, follow your department’s procedure for calling out sick or requesting to work from home and contact your healthcare provider. If you are a student, inform your professors, work supervisors and/or coaches about your absence and contact the PLU Health Center.

What do I do if I’m on campus and come in contact with someone who appears to be sick?

  • If the individual is an employee contact Human Resources, if they are a student contact the Health Center.
  • The sick individual should isolate themselves in their office, car or outside alone, and call their healthcare provider or the Health Center for further phone evaluation and decisions about next steps.

What if my situation changes after I submit the attestation?

Select the update button to revise your response.

What if I answer a question incorrectly and submit the attestation before I catch it?

Select the update button to review your response.

What if an employee or student comes to campus and shouldn’t have based on the attestation responses?

  • Supervisors should confirm with employees that they responded correctly to the attestation questions. If that is the case, they should then be advised to go home and consult with their health care provider.
  • Students should be referred to the PLU Health Center.

Why is this form necessary if I'm working from home?

PLU is required to maintain attendance logs under the State of Washington Phase 2 Guidelines for Higher Education. Completing the Health Attestation Form daily on your regularly scheduled work days even if you will be working remotely from home will allow us to meet this requirement.

Is the attestation HIPAA compliant?

  • In order to assist with the public health collection of information about those who are sick with, exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, the US Dept of Health and Human Services issued a bulletin describing greater flexibility in the HIPAA law.
  • PLU is not a healthcare entity and as such is released from the regulations tied to HIPAA. We are however responsible for handling any COVID-19 related health information about our employees and students in a confidential manner. This means that though we can call any of your close contacts, IF you happen to test positive for COVID-19, to tell them they’ve been exposed to you, we CANNOT describe your health/symptoms, etc. We can also inform the PLU community that one of our employees or students is positive for COVID-19, but we can’t divulge the individual’s name.

What is the university doing with the information from the Attestation?

  • Data collected will only be stored for 4 weeks. PLU will only share this information with the State if they ask for proof that the university is complying with the requirements.
  • PLU Supervisors and coaches will be able to see the following information for those individuals who report to them: Name, email and whether their direct report was a yes, no or not on campus that day. They will not have access to the individual’s answers to each question on the Attestation.

How can a supervisor find out if student employees have completed the Attestation?

We are working on making a student employee report available. Until then, student employees can provide proof of completing the Attestation by taking a screenshot of the notification received after it has been submitted or logging into the Attestation form.