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Return to Learning on Campus

Our goal is to provide an in-person learning experience, as safely as possible, for as many students as we can. Public-health conditions permitting, most of our Fall 2020 classes will be blended in format, with elements of in-person and online instruction in each course.

For the in-person elements, teaching spaces have been configured to align with physical-distancing requirements, and faculty and students will use personal protective equipment appropriate for each learning activity. In most cases, this will take the form of face coverings, but for some classes, face shields and gloves may also be utilized. Each classroom will have a cleaning/disinfectant kit for students to use, prior to and after their use of any shared equipment.

Larger spaces traditionally used for events and performances will be adapted for classroom use to allow physical distancing in classes with larger student enrollments.

We are complementing our blended offerings with a host of fully online courses. Online courses allow us to minimize population density on campus as well as honor faculty members’ personal circumstances. See below for the list of courses that have shifted to an online instructional method.

Teaching, learning and thriving online

Our faculty are ready to teach you — and teach you well — regardless of the instructional method. Since 2014, the PLU Teaching Online (PLUTO) program has prepared our faculty to teach fully online or via blended courses — courses that capture the fundamental elements and high impact practices that are hallmarks of a PLU education, but are conducted virtually.

Online and Blended Courses

The blended courses listed below have been prioritized for phasing in elements of in-person instruction, pending public health conditions and faculty discretion. Use the search box below to sort course attributes, including CRN, subject, course title, or instructor.

All other courses will be delivered online. As the semester proceeds, some courses may include limited in-person elements as permissible by public health conditions and as aligned with course learning objectives.

CRN SubjectCourse NumberSection Title CreditsInstructor
20532ARTD1101Graphic Design 14Fouad, S
20564ARTD1102Graphic Design 14Fouad, S
20551ARTD20213D Design4Ebbinga, S
20536ARTD2201Photography 1: BW4Krajkowski, A
20534ARTD2301Ceramics 14Sobeck, S
20535ARTD2302Ceramics 14Sobeck, S
20554ARTD3301Ceramics 24Ebbinga, S
20041BIOL201L01Intro Microbiology Lab0Siegesmund, A
20042BIOL201L02Intro Microbiology Lab0Siegesmund, A
20043BIOL201L03Intro Microbiology Lab0Siegesmund, A
20055BIOL225L01Molecules, Cells, Org Lab0Seidel, S
20056BIOL225L02Molecules, Cells, Org Lab0Seidel, S
20058BIOL225L03Molecules, Cells, Org Lab0Smith, M
20059BIOL225L04Molecules, Cells, Org Lab0Smith, M
20061BIOL225L05Molecules, Cells, Org Lab0Nervo, L
20062BIOL225L06Molecules, Cells, Org Lab0Nervo, L
20064BIOL226L01Genes, Evol, Div, Ecol Lab0Behrens, M
20090BIOL330L01Genetics Lab0Haberle, R
20091BIOL330L02Genetics Lab0Haberle, R
20092BIOL330L03Genetics Lab0Haberle, R
21320BIOL368L01Ecology Lab0Smith, J
21321BIOL368L02Ecology Lab0Smith, J
20085BIOL445L01Molecular Biology Lab0Ellard-Ivey, M
20086BIOL445L02Molecular Biology Lab0Ellard-Ivey, M
20072BIOL453L01Mammalian Physiology Lab0Dolan, P
20073BIOL453L02Mammalian Physiology Lab0Dolan, P
20774BMBA5131MktgMgmt4Rowland, S
20776BMBA5151Managing Organizatons/Leadership4Kowtha, R
21235BMBA5152Managing Organizatons/Leadership4Kowtha, R
20780BMMA5021MktgStrat/CB4Kucuk, U
20781BMMA5041Quantitative Research4Ha, C
20783BMSF5051Financial Econometrics4Wang, C
20784BMSF5121Fin Acct: Reporting/Analysis4Barnes, S
20785BMSF5141Foundations of Finance4Wang, C
20735BUSA2011Intro to Bus in Global Environment4Brown, K
20736BUSA2012Intro to Bus in Global Environment4Brown, K
20737BUSA2013Intro to Bus in Global Environment4Brown, K
20761BUSA4671Marketing Research4Ha, C
20172CHEM343L01Physical Chemistry Lab1Munro, A
20173CHEM343L02Physical Chemistry Lab1Munro, A
20150CHEM104L01Environmental Chemistry Lab0Naasz, B
20150CHEM104L01Environmental Chemistry Lab0Naasz, B
20151CHEM104L02Environmental Chemistry Lab0Naasz, B.
20151CHEM104L02Environmental Chemistry Lab0Naasz, B
20156CHEM115L01General Chemistry I Lab0Naasz, B
20156CHEM115L01General Chemistry I Lab0Naasz, B
20157CHEM115L02General Chemistry I Lab0Saxowsky, T
20157CHEM115L02General Chemistry I Lab0Saxowsky, T.
20158CHEM115L03General Chemistry I Lab0Lytle, J
20158CHEM115L03General Chemistry I Lab0Lytle, J.
20159CHEM115L04General Chemistry I Lab0Waldow, D
20159CHEM115L04General Chemistry I Lab0Waldow, D
20160CHEM115L05General Chemistry I Lab0Glass, A
20160CHEM115L05General Chemistry I Lab0Glass, A
20161CHEM115L06General Chemistry I Lab0Waldow, D
20161CHEM115L06General Chemistry I Lab0Waldow, D
20166CHEM333L01Organic Chemistry I Lab1Fryhle, C
20166CHEM333L01Organic Chemistry I Lab1Fryhle, C
20167CHEM333L02Organic Chemistry I Lab1Arungundram, S
20167CHEM333L02Organic Chemistry I Lab1Arungundram, S
20168CHEM333L03Organic Chemistry I Lab1Fryhle, C
20168CHEM333L03Organic Chemistry I Lab1Fryhle, C
20169CHEM333L04Organic Chemistry I Lab1Yakelis, N
20169CHEM333L04Organic Chemistry I Lab1Yakelis, N
20170CHEM333L05Organic Chemistry I Lab1Arungundram, S
20170CHEM333L05Organic Chemistry I Lab1Arungundram, S
20182CHEM456L01Polymers and Biopolymers0Waldow, D
21200COMA226L01MediaLab0-2Hoyt, K
21201COMA229L01Student Media0-2Robinson, S
21197COMA426L01Advanced MediaLab0-2Hoyt, K
21198COMA429L01Advanced Student Media0-2Robinson, S
20427CSCI131L01Intro to Engineering Lab0Awedat, K
20414CSCI144L01Intro to Computer Science Lab0Caley, J
20415CSCI144L02Intro to Computer Science Lab0Caley, J
20416CSCI144L03Intro to Computer Science Lab0Murphy, L
20418CSCI270L01Data Structures Lab0Blaha, K
20419CSCI270L02Data Structures Lab0Blaha, K
20421CSCI302L01Computer Organization Lab0Caley, J
20189ECON3441Econometrics4Travis, K
20190ECON4991Capstone4St Clair, P
20202EDUC3201Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect1Breen, D
21326EDUC3202Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect1Breen, D
20203EDUC3301Practicum0Weiss, J
20209EDUC4031Building Professional Learning Communities2Anderson, M
20210EDUC4032Building Professional Learning Communities2Weiss, J
20356EDUC4281Assessments in Literacy2Hassen, J
20219EDUC5611Instructional Methods for Secondary Teachers4Sutton, P
20220EDUC5612Instructional Methods for Secondary Teachers4Kim, C
20229EDUC5613Instructional Methods for Secondary Teachers4Ketelson, S
20225EDUC5652Elem. Reading, Lang Arts, So St2Hassen, J
20226EDUC5661Elementary Math and Science2Kim, C
20227EDUC5662Elementary Math and Science2Kim, C
20223EDUC563A1Integ. Sem. Applications Tech2Kim, C
20228EDUC563A2Integ. Sem. Applications Tech2Kim, C
20441ENGL2211Research and Writing4Ramos, A
20457ENGL2212Research and Writing4Hames, G
20467ENVT4981Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Analysis4Todd, C
20464ENVT10401Conserv of Nat Resources NS,SM4STAFF
21147FYEP 1011Writing/First Year Experience4Laurie-Berry, N
21148FYEP 1012Writing/First Year Experience4Artime, M
21149FYEP 1013Writing/First Year Experience4Brynes, R
21150FYEP 1014Writing/First Year Experience4Sutton, P
21151FYEP 1015Writing/First Year Experience4Moneyang, P
21152FYEP 1016Writing/First Year Experience4Wilkin, R
21153FYEP 1017Writing/First Year Experience4Gerzso, C
21154FYEP 1018Writing/First Year Experience4Albrecht, J
21155FYEP 1019Writing/First Year Experience4Barot, R
21156FYEP 10110Writing/First Year Experience4Call, W
21157FYEP 10111Writing/First Year Experience4James, J
21158FYEP 10112Writing/First Year Experience4Kaufman, R
21159FYEP 10113Writing/First Year Experience4Marcus, L
21160FYEP 10114Writing/First Year Experience4op de Beeck, N
21161FYEP 10115Writing/First Year Experience4Robinson, S
21162FYEP 10116Writing/First Year Experience4Simpson-Younger, N
21163FYEP 10117Writing/First Year Experience4Skipper, J
21164FYEP 10118Writing/First Year Experience4McKenney, R
21165FYEP 10119Writing/First Year Experience4Andrews, B
21166FYEP 10120Writing/First Year Experience4Rings, M
21167FYEP 10121Writing/First Year Experience4Choi, A
21168FYEP 10122Writing/First Year Experience4Katica, C
20725GEOS1041Conserv of Nat Resources NS,SM4STAFF
20728GEOS20101Geologic Principles NS,SM4Davis, P
20843GEOS34001Glacial Geology4Todd, C
20844GEOS340L01Glacial Geology Lab0Todd, C
20138HIST 2891ST: History at the Movies 4Mergenthal, R
20434IHON1112Origins, Ideas, Encounters4Simpson-Younger, N
20435IHON1113Origins, Ideas, Encounters4Strum, A
20436IHON1114Origins, Ideas, Encounters4Travillian, T
20791KINS2791Teaching Physical Activity2Farrar, T
20790KINS2801Fitness/Recreation Programming4McConnell, K
20792KINS3141Team Building for High Performance Teams4Hacker, C
20794KINS3221PE in the Elementary School2Farrar, T
20845KINS3341Applied Training and Conditioning2Tucker, L
20797KINS3801Exercise Physiology4Katica, C
20846KINS4781Applied Biomechanics4Papadopoulos, H
20849KINS5151Applied Sport Psychology I4Mann, M
20851KINS5401Applied Sport Psychology II4Hacker, C
20798KINS 3802Exercise Physiology4Katica, C
21218MILS1011Intro to Military Science2Balkiz, E
21219MILS2011Fundamentals of Leadership2Steele, C
21220MILS3011Training Management3Wagner, J
21221MILS4011Professionalism and Ethics3So, A
20897MUSI241L01String Lab I1Jensen, A
20906MUSI360A01Choir of the West1Nance, R
20907MUSI361A01University Chorale1Galante, B
20908MUSI362A01Knights Chorus1Johnson, B
20909MUSI363A01University Singers1Nance, R
20910MUSI370A01University Wind Ensemble1Powell, E
20911MUSI371A01University Concert Band1Powell, E
20912MUSI375A01University Jazz Ensemble1Vianna, C
20913MUSI380A01University Symphony Orchestra1Bell-Hanson, J
20934MUSI381A02Chamber Ensemble:Percussion1Takekawa, M
MUSI203/403Private Organ Lessons2020-01-04 00:00:00Tegels, P
MUSI216/416Private Percussion Lessons2020-01-04 00:00:00Takekawa, M
MUSI218/418Private Harp Lessons2020-01-04 00:00:00Case, C
21181NSCI28701ST: Transition to STEM at PLU1Saxowsky, T
20572NURS220L01Nursing Competencies I Laboratory1Mitchell, R
20573NURS220L02Nursing Competencies I Laboratory1Dew, C
20681NURS220L04Nursing Competencies I Laboratory1Thomas, J
20577NURS270L01Health Assessment & Promotion1Holt, T
20579NURS270L03Health Assessment & Promotion1Holt, T
20583NURS320L01Nursing Competencies II Laboratory1Mitchell, R
20584NURS320L02Nursing Competencies II Laboratory1Mitchell, R
20585NURS320L03Nursing Competencies II Laboratory1Mitchell, R
20586NURS320L04Nursing Competencies II Laboratory1C. Wolfer
20587NURS320L05Nursing Competencies II Laboratory1Wolfer, C
21177NURS770L01Primary Care Procedures3Richardson, K
21178NURS770L02Primary Care Procedures3Schwinck, J
20574NURS 220L03Nursing Competencies I Laboratory1Mitchell, R
20578NURS 270L02Health Assessment & Promotion1Holt, T
20682NURS 270L04Health Assessment & Promotion1Holt, T
20672NURS 320L06 Nursing Competencies II Laboratory1STAFF
20818PHED163A01Badminton1Tucker, L
20819PHED164A01Pickleball1Ramirez, D
20852PHED164A02Pickleball1Ramirez, D
20832PHED244A01Co-Ed Volleyball1Dusek, L
20833PHED248A01World Games and Sports1Tucker, L
21392PHED276A04Trending Sports and Games1Farrar, T
20697PHYS135L01College Physics I Laboratory1Underwood, B
20698PHYS135L02College Physics I Laboratory1STAFF
20699PHYS135L03College Physics I Laboratory1STAFF
20700PHYS135L04College Physics I Laboratory1Hay, K
20701PHYS135L05College Physics I Laboratory1Louie, R
20702PHYS135L06College Physics I Laboratory1Louie, R
20704PHYS163L01General Physics I Laboratory1Underwood, B
20705PHYS163L02General Physics I Laboratory1STAFF
20706PHYS163L03General Physics I Laboratory1STAFF
20707PHYS163L04General Physics I Laboratory1Hay, K
20708PHYS163L05General Physics I Laboratory1Louie, R
20709PHYS163L06General Physics I Laboratory1Louie, R
20716PHYS499A01Capstone: Advanced Lab I SR1Louie, R
21236PLUS1001Transitions to PLU1Kopriva, C
21300PLUS1002Transitions to PLU1Royce-Davis, J
21301PLUS1003Transitions to PLU1Frey, E
21302PLUS1004Transitions to PLU1Yorke, J
21303PLUS1005Transitions to PLU1Spidahl, S
21314PLUS1006Transitions to PLU1Foley, L
21330PLUS1007Transitions to PLU1Jordan, N
21342PLUS1008Transitions to PLU1Pitt, T
21308PLUS2871Student Vet Leadership Academy1Farnum, M
20502PSYC2421Advanced Stats and Research Design 4Grahe, J
20503PSYC242L01Lab0Grahe, J
20504PSYC242L02Lab0Grahe, J
20368SOCI2321Research Methods4Fitzwater Gonzales, L
20402SOCW2451Human Behavior Social Environment4Brown, N
20403SOCW2501Social Policy I4Pelts, M
20409SOCW3871ST: Trauma Informed Care 4Simpson, D
20405SOCW4601Social Work Practice II4Brown, N
20374STAT2331Introductory Stats (SOCI)4Ciabattari, T
20858THEA2501Acting I: Fundamentals4Clapp, J
20880THEA3501Acting II: Scene Study4Smith, T