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Introducing the PLU Campus Status Dial

Posted by:
August 28, 2020

TO: PLU Community
FROM: Office of the President

PLU will begin the 2020–21 school year with a staged approach to reopening. We’ve created a visual representation—a status dial—to ensure that our community members can quickly and easily see which stage we’re currently in, from fully remote learning and working to full capacity with in-person operations. As public-health conditions continue to evolve over the next several months, the PLU dial will be a regular part of our guidance for learning, living, and working on campus.

The dial reflects the consideration of data gleaned from campus, county, and state health reporting that, in combination with directives from public-health officials, will inform our decision-making related to campus operations. The dial will be updated weekly on Wednesdays by 12 p.m. with any new information (including indications that the status remains unchanged); should public-health circumstances warrant an immediate shift, we will utilize the campus text alert system to notify PLU community members of the change.

PLU is currently in Stage 2Most of the data supporting our decision process would indicate that we should introduce the dial in Stage 3. However, while regional COVID-19 infection and healthcare capacity data is clearly trending in the right direction, we made a purposeful decision to begin in Stage 2—allowing us to intentionally consider PLU-specific factors as we all transition back to campus and to then act on more complete campus data. It is worth noting that early results on campus are also positive. PLU has tested more than 200 students, and has experienced no positive COVID-19 cases to date. As we continue to test larger numbers of our community over the coming days, we will consider whether the status should change. Click on here to learn more about the dial and the six stages.

What’s it going to take to get to Stage 3? It’s going to take you, it’s going to take me, it’s going to take all of us together, doing the right things. We need all members of the PLU community to join us in the effort to protect each other from COVID-19.

  • Wear a face mask.
  • Stay at least six feet apart from others.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Complete the daily Wellness Check-In.
  • Be kind-hearted to each other.

Let’s turn up the dial, Lutes!