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Exploring Race through Dialogue

September 29th – November 17th   |   Fridays 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

What is iGroup?

PLU iGroup is an intergroup dialogue community inviting students to explore topics of identity formation, social systems, equity, and collaboration for positive change.  PLU iGroup meets for 7 weeks in the Fall (Exploring Race) and Spring (Exploring Gender) with the aim to strengthen understanding of self and cultivate a cohort of social justice minded leaders.

Participant Application

Due 9/27 @ 5pm

iGroup Goals

  • To share stories of how our understandings of who we are (identity) is always in flux, and that social context influences how we see ourselves in the world
  • To engage students through dialogue about individual identity and social systems
  • To foster intergroup understanding and lasting relationships
  • Provide space for intergroup collaboration to enact positive social change within multiple communities.

The Fall 2017 iGroup dialogue is as follows:

Week One: Group Beginnings (Sep. 29): We will get to know our dialogue community through exploration of salient identities and develop community foundations.

Week Two: Exploring difference (Oct. 6): We will utilize storytelling to share significance of our cultural artifacts and examine privilege.

Week Three: Exploring difference (Oct. 13): Dialoging about experiences at PLU in racial caucus groups (White, Student of Color, Multi-Racial).

Mid-Semester Break: No Meeting (Oct. 20)

Week Four: Examining hot topic issues (Oct. 27): Exploring intersectionality and personal events that shape our understanding of our identities and our communities.

Week FiveExamining hot topic issues (Nov. 3): Dialoging about current events in racial caucus groups (White, Student of Color, Multi-Racial) and determining what it means to do anti-racist work.

Week Six: Action (Nov. 10): Practicing what it takes to work collaboratively towards positive social change through action.

Week Seven: Standing in Solidarity  (Nov. 17):  Examining the term “Ally” and developing personal commitments to interrupt racism in our communities.