Jess X. Chen's “Sing Me A Time Machine”

Monday, November 7 at 7 p.m.

Jess X. Chen’s poetry and performance exposes narratives of migration, environmental justice, queer liberation, healing from trauma, all from a queer eco-feminist lens. The current show she is touring is called “Sing Me A Time Machine”, a multimedia cinematic poetry show that spans an Iranian–Chinese love story of loss, citizenship, dragons, gun violence and migration.

It is a refugee narrative where the warm touch of a hand upon a chest can calm the fiercest of nightmares. When circumstances drive love into it’s own breaking, can we create a world where intimacy is enough to bridge the crevasse before a homeland, a family, a culture and a divorce? Can we undo the invention of the American border, and reverse a bullet back into the barrel of a gun and then dissolve it back into the mineral it came from?

From the possibility of the blank page, a time machine is invented, the making and breaking of a brilliant love is replayed and re-imagined, and the queer Asian-American woman speaker unburies a portal to heaven. Here, every homeland and every beloved lost is given another chance to soar.

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This event is sponsored by: ASPLU, Students Activities Board (SAB), Arts & Communication, South/Kreidler Halls RHC, RHA, Hispanic Studies and Languages & Literatures. 

Event Details

  • WHO: Jess. X. Chen
  • WHEN: Monday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.
  • WHERE: Chris Knutzen Hall (CK) of the Anderson University Center
  • WHAT: Jess X. Chen’s “Sing Me a Time Machine”