The Diversity Center

What are dAdvocates?

Diversity Advocates are leaders who create their experience of what “Diversity” means to them. Through working with their supervisor, other Diversity Advocates, and other campus partners, Diversity Advocates share their passions (social justice, diversity, privilege, etc) with the PLU community. It offers students with demonstrated leadership experiences the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, promote engagement and leadership among their peers and develop collegial relationships with faculty and staff. Advocates design, implement and assess programs and help to connect emerging leaders with opportunities throughout the campus.


Diversity Advocate for the Rieke Leadership Award Program

The Diversity Advocate for Rieke Scholars is charged with enabling Rieke Scholars the opportunity to reach their full potential as leaders, maximizing their relationship with the Diversity Center, and creating a community of Rieke Scholars.

Diversity Advocate for Peer Diversity Education

The Diversity Advocate for Peer Diversity Education works to create social justice centered conversations in first-year communities.

Diversity Advocate for International Programs

The Diversity Advocate for International Programs is responsible for coordinating activities and programs to connect the dCenter with International as well as working with international student orientation.