The Diversity Center

The Diversity Center enhances Pacific Lutheran University’s learning community while create active leaders by providing a supportive and inclusive space for dialogue.  Our open-door policy and team of dedicated advocates spark passions for advocacy, social justice, and building lasting and meaningful relationships.

11|17: Global Getdown

6:30pm – 8:30pm

An opportunity for the PLU community to embrace the rich diversity and culture of our community through performance.  Interested in performing?  Please let us know at by Nov 6.

9|8: The Chocolate Trail

1pm – 3pm
The Diversity Center

Follow the Chocolate Trail to visit The Diversity Center, Center for Gender Equity, Scandinavian Center, Center for Community Engagement and Service, Wild Hope Center for Vocation, Campus Ministry, and Wang Center and learn about ways to connect with these centers resources, programs, and their communities.

9|15-16 Students of Color Retreat

Camp Arnold, Eatonville WA

The SOC Retreat is a valuable space created for students of color to discuss issues of racism, intersectionality of identity, as well as forming community early in the academic year.

Sign up in The Diversity Center, $10 registration fee

9|22: Topics on Tap - Volunteerism + Savior Complex

5:30pm – 7:00pm
208 Garfield

Volunteerism + Savior Complex” How not to Service

This topic will address the savior complex that can exist when people, particularly those with privilege, volunteer to serve folks with marginalized identity. Specifically, we’ll address the do’s and don’ts of service and helping vs. serving. What does it mean to authentically engage in your community?

Co-hosted by the dCenter and the Center for Community Engagement and Service

9|29 - 9|30: Queer Student Retreat (QSR)

Location shared at registration

The QSR is a valuable space created for students who identify as LGBTQ to connect and have time to consider their own understandings of their sex, gender identity, gender presentation, and attraction, as well as forming community early in the academic year

For more information, contact

Co-hosted by the dCenter and Center for Gender Equity

9|30 - 11|18: iGroup: Exploring Race

iGroup Logo

Fridays 4pm – 5:30pm

PLU iGroup is an intergroup dialogue program inviting students to explore topics of identity formation, social systems, equity, and collaboration for positive change.  In Fall iGroup will be exploring race through dialogue.  To learn more about and to sign up visit the iGroup website.

10|14: Diversity Center's Family Appreciation

Scandinavian Cultural Center, AUC

In The Diversity Center, “Family” includes individuals in our familial unit (parents/partners/children, aunts/uncles/grandparents) and extends to those key support people core to our success  (coaches/mentors/teachers/best friends/colleagues/etc.).  In recognition of the family member’s who contribute greatly to our student’s success, The Diversity Center is hosting a special event of gratitude and celebration of these members of our extended community.

Is there a family member who has contributed to your success at PLU?  All Diversity Center Alumni and students are invited to join The Diversity Center in thanking those faculty who have supported their growth and success.  RSVP information to follow.

11|7: Dia de los Muertos

AUC Upper Grey Area

Co-hosted with Latinx Unidos, this event is focused on celebrating those who have passed. Participants are invited to bring a photo or write a note to place on the altar. Students will be speaking about their experiences with Dia De Los Muertos. We also will be decorating sugar skulls to place upon the altar.


Additional Hispanic Herritage Month programs hosted by LU include:
Nov 5 : 11am – 5pm Excursion to TAM with Latinx Unidos
Nov 10: 6 – 9pm Celebration in the CAVE
For more information email

JTerm Book Group

Wednesdays, Various Times

Reading and processing together is something that PLU does well.  Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to join the 4th annual J-Term Book Group, dialoguing about perspectives of a social justice text.  Groups online or in person to share, affirm, and challenge concepts, reflect how the book connects with our current social landscape, and dialogue about how they impact our Lute community.

1|17: Land Use and Abuse



A part of the Rieke Leadership Series this workshop will focus on the rise and fall of civilization and how we can contribute to a more sustainable future with guest speaker Michael Dolan.

1|18: Conversation with Carolina De Robertis

10:00am – 11:00am

AUC 133

Join us in a conversation with Carolina De Robertis, author of this year’s JTerm book Radical Hope.

1|19-20: Diversity Leadership Sustainability

Sign up HERE

Fri 1/19 5:00pm-7:00pm



This workshop will be a brief survey of movement-building and activism. The goal is to prepare attendees for safe and thoughtful participation in organized protests and rallies that seek to shine a light on issues of oppression.

We will also pack brown bag lunches at this time for the following day’s events!

Sat 1/20 9:00am – 4:00pm


We meet at the CGE at 9am, We will leave by vans at 9:30am. You may choose to attend either the “WOMEN’S MARCH” in Olympia, or “THE MISSING & MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN” event in Seattle. PLU Staff will accompany both trips.

March 26 - 31| Alternative Spring Break

Race and Gender in the Nation’s Capital

with Dr. Jennifer Smith and Angie Hambrick

TBD: iGroup: Exploring Gender

iGroup Logo

Fridays 4:00pm – 5:30pm

PLU iGroup is an intergroup dialogue program inviting students to explore topics of identity formation, social systems, equity, and collaboration for positive change.  For 7 weeks in Spring 2017 we will be dialoguing about gender.  To learn more about and to sign up visit the iGroup website.  All students are invited to participate.

TBD | Spirit of Diversity Awards

Group of students posing for the camera

6:00pm – 7:00pm
Scandinavian Cultural Center, Anderson University Center

Join us for an opportunity to celebrate students, faculty, and staff who have contributed to the mission of The Diversity Center and greater PLU community through social justice leadership, learning, and care.

TBD | Diversity Center Alumni Weekend

Graduating Seniors are invited to join with Diversity Center Alumni at the annual Diversity Center Alumni  Weekend through connection, reminiscing, and reentering in community.