PLU Campus Restaurants precautionary measures due to novel coronavirus

As Pacific Lutheran University and our peer institutions continue to monitor and adapt to the situation with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re reaching out to let you know about several precautionary measures PLU Campus Restaurants have implemented to help safeguard the health of our students, staff, faculty, and other guests. This will mean some changes to service, as well as some compromises to our sustainability efforts, and we appreciate your patience.

Meal Pick Up process for students who are quarantined

Students who are quarantined have the following resources to obtain food from Hospitality Service units that are operating.

There are two choices available:

Sick Meal

  1. If you’re sick and can’t make it in for a meal. Request it on our website (
  2. Sick meals are designed to appeal to ill students who may be in need of hydration and electrolyte replacement.
  3. Meals are very basic and consist of soup, Gatorade, Sprite, saltine crackers, and whole fruit.
  4. A nominal fee of $5.00 will be charged for the meal.
  5. You may even send a friend to pick up your meal in OMM.

Pre-Approved Meal Pick Up

  1. Contact your Community Director to get a signed Meal Pick Up form. 
  2. Fill out the form; please note that all fields are required. 
  3. Designate someone to pick up your meal from any of our open on-campus units and make sure they have the signed form with them when they come to select your food. 
  4. Your designee will select your items and we will package them in single use to-go containers. 
  5. Our cashiers will keep the pre-approved Meal Pick Up form, attach it to the receipt and keep it for processing.
  6. We will process the form and charge your Dining Dollars account.
  7. Online menus can be found HERE (
  8. Hours of operation can be found HERE (

Precautionary Changes to Service

  • As of 3/16/20 all service will be to-go. You will receive your meal in a to-go box with to-go cups and plastic service ware.
  • We are eliminating all self-service in The Commons, and are having staff members serve some items
  • Where it’s impractical to have a staff member serving an item, some items may be temporarily removed or stations closed
  • Guests may now swipe their own cards to eliminate having cashiers handle them
  • OMM guests may scan their own items at the register
  • We’ve upped the limit to $100 or more to have a customer sign their receipt
  • Guests with special dietary needs should ask to speak with one of our Operations Managers for items that have been available for self-service in the past
  • We’ve suspending our Green Box program in The Commons and will instead provide disposable containers as necessary
    We have waived the regular fee for to-go containers and added to-go containers at AYCTE meal periods
  • We’ve suspended the use of reusable mugs, One Less Cup program at OMM & The Commons
  • We’re asking guests not to refill cups at our beverage stations, but to take a clean cup for each drink
  • The Commons has moved straws to Good Things, ask for one there
  • Old Main Market is providing wrapped straws
  • We are still offering Sick Meals for pickup in Old Main Market — find the request form here
  • Meals Away have been suspended with the dispersal of the AYCTE meal periods
  • Also at AYCTE meal periods, students may use the virtual card feature on the GET app for entrance
  • Lute Café and Kelley Café will remain closed through Spring Break

At the same time, we’re emphasizing best hygiene practices:

  • an increase in available hand sanitizer dispensers
  • employees with sanitizer spray bottles
  • consistent signage for hand washing and coughing/sneezing hygiene
  • reinforcing vigorous cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces across the restaurant including, but not limited to, door/handles, table tops and salt/pepper shakers
  • reinforcing our strict operating procedures including our long-standing policy of not letting employees work while sick
  • we removed table ads from The Commons