PLU Campus Restaurants precautionary measures due to novel coronavirus

As Pacific Lutheran University and our peer institutions continue to monitor and adapt to the situation with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re reaching out to let you know about several precautionary measures PLU Campus Restaurants have implemented to help safeguard the health of our students, staff, faculty, and other guests. This will mean some changes to service, as well as some compromises to our sustainability efforts, and we appreciate your patience.


Seating is Open in The Commons for Food & Beverage Consumption Indoors

  • GET Mobile ordering is continuing the same, you still order and come in to pick up your food.
  • If you choose to eat inside, eating is allowed in the dining area ONLY
    and that area is set at 25% capacity per Pierce County Phase 2 guidelines
  • 4 people per table instead of the 6 recommended by Pierce County.
  • Wear your mask when not eating.
  • Remember to follow social distancing protocols.
  • View the current PLU Stage here.

Quarantine Meals

Click here for more information about quarantine/isolation meals 

Fall Changes in The Commons

  • To make social distancing easier, customers will place orders through the GET app and pick up in The Commons.
  • Meals will be in to-go packaging with plastic service ware with no dine-in.
  • We are eliminating all self-service in The Commons, and have altered the salad bar area to be a fifth station “Sweet & Savory”.
  • Guests with special dietary needs may always ask to speak with one of our Operations Managers to help with any food items they would like to see.
  • We’ve suspended the use of reusable mugs and ask that you only use to-go containers. Personal water bottles may be refilled at the drinking fountain in the AUC or the spigot by the condiment station.
  • Please respect the “table closed” and the “solo study” table signs through out the AUC.

Service in Retail Outlets

  • OMM guests may scan their own items at the register.
    — We’ve upped the limit to $100 or more to have a customer sign their receipt
  • We’ve suspended the use of reusable mugs.
  • Individually wrapped straws will be provided.
  • OMM customers may order ahead with the GET app for pickup.
  • Lute Café and Kelley Café will be mobile ordering only through the GET app in Fall.

At the same time, we’re emphasizing best hygiene practices:

  • Social distancing markers on the floor.
  • Directional signage.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers available.
  • Consistent signage for hand washing and coughing/sneezing hygiene.
  • Reinforcing vigorous cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces throughout the restaurants.
  • Reinforcing our strict operating procedures including our long-standing policy of not letting employees work while sick — all employees completing the daily Attestation self-assessment.