PLU Campus Restaurants is excited to welcome our students, faculty, staff, and community back to campus! The COVID pandemic has changed how we experience all aspects of daily life, including how we come together for learning, connecting, and other activities. We have all experienced our favorite restaurants with longer than usual lines, missing menu items, longer waits for food to be made, higher than normal prices, and fewer employees trying to make it all happen. Many stores and restaurants have been forced to close dining rooms or limit their hours as supply chain and labor shortages continue. This pandemic has impacted our producers, manufacturers, and distributors. PLU Campus Restaurants is continuously adapting to this rapidly changing environment and doing so with the creative capacity that comes with being self operated and not outsourced. 


Supply Chain 

Just as you’ve seen off campus, and have heard about across the country, we are experiencing an unstable supply chain that interferes with guaranteed delivery of some items on a regular basis. We are proud to offer a high-quality dining experience, and we want you to know what to expect in this evolving environment as we continue to provide you with an experience aligned with our values of providing you nutrition that contributes to your well-being and our shared sense of community. Our culinary team has been adjusting menus and operations to meet the needs of our students and community while balancing the fragile distribution system, workforce, and product availability across the United States. We are putting every effort into sourcing the ingredients and products you have come to expect. However, there will be times when items are not delivered or available. We will continue to work on sourcing alternatives to deliver the best experience possible. We want your experience on campus to be the very best it can be and for Campus Restaurants to be a highlight of PLU for you, even with ongoing market disruptions. 



Nationwide, the hospitality industry also is experiencing an unprecedented shortage in applicants for open positions. PLU Campus Restaurants currently has several critical culinary and retail team position openings. We offer our professional team members a highly competitive compensation and benefits package, as well a referral bonus, and a generous tuition remission package that is available to our team members and their families. We are deeply appreciative of our many team members who have returned for Fall 2021 – please let them know you value them as well when you see them. And, if you know of someone that works in the hospitality or culinary industry who would benefit from our generous benefit and tuition remission package, please forward them the PLU Human Resources web address:


New Meal Plan Option for Fall 2021 

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through this ever-changing landscape. We also understand being back in an environment with large crowds can be stressful and that the all-you-care-to-eat (AYCTE) atmosphere can be noisy and overwhelming. One way to manage this might be to come during off-peak meal times, roughly 4:30pm-5:45pm and 7:00pm-8:30pm. Additionally, in an effort to help you manage anxiety, we are offering an alternate meal plan for the Fall 2021 semester. This plan is very similar to what we offered in the 2020-2021 academic year and consists of Dining Dollars and an overhead base fee. There is no AYCTE access with this new and completely optional plan. 


This alternate plan will have a total cost of $2757 (the same price as Meal Plan B) per semester and will give you $1430 Dining Dollars + $225 bonus dollars ($1655 total) to use for the semester with no AYCTE meals; the remaining $1327 is overhead cost. During the AYCTE meal periods (Monday-Friday dinner and all day on Sunday), the only way to access AYCTE meal periods would be by using $15 Dining Dollars at the door for one entrance. As always, AYCTE meals are not available to go. You can use Dining Dollars in any open retail outlet for dinner, such as OMM, instead of dining in The Commons; keep in mind these options may be limited. 


If you would like to opt in to this new meal plan, please visit this form, log in with your PLU ePass and choose Meal Plan F for Fall Semester. The deadline to choose this new plan without incurring any extra charges is September 16, 2021. If chosen, this will be your Meal Plan for the remainder of Fall Semester; you will not be able to change back to an AYCTE plan once we have moved you to Meal Plan F. 


If you have any questions about dining or meal plans, please email We are so grateful to be a part of your daily life at Pacific Lutheran University and we appreciate your support & understanding as we lead with service into Fall 2021.