Meals Away

We understand that you place great value in the unlimited access all-you-care-to-eat portion of your meal plan. We also understand that there are commitments that may keep you from accessing that portion of your plan. Give us 24 hours notice and we will be happy to pack a Meal Away for you.

As stated in your Meal Plan Contract, meals are not provided during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break—you may not receive a Meal Away for a meal that is not provided.

What Meals are Eligible?
The following meals are considered unlimited access and are eligible:

  • Sunday Brunch
  • Sunday Dinner
  • Monday Dinner
  • Tuesday Dinner
  • Wednesday Dinner
  • Thursday Dinner
  • Friday Dinner

All other meals are served a la carte, you can go to any of the campus restaurants (The Commons, Old Main Market, Kelley Café or The Lute Café) and use your Dining Dollars to purchase a meal to go.
This is also the process for all athletic team members to use when off campus during the unlimited access all-you-care-to-eat meal periods.


Your meal will be packed and available for pickup at Good Things in The Commons during breakfast or lunch.

The Meal Away you are requesting is in lieu of access to one all-you-care-to-eat meal period (even if you do not pick up the meal you requested). If you eat in The Commons during the requested Meal Away period you will be charged $14.25 in Dining Dollars for the double usage of that meal period. You may not order a meal away to be picked up post the meal you are replacing.

Meals Away Info

Meals Away are not available during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break.