Table Top Ads

Who can apply?

To qualify for table tent advertising, applicants must be registered with ASPLU, a residence hall organization or a PLU department. Up to four table tent ads may be displayed in The Commons at the same time.

How do I apply?

Qualified applicants can apply with the form below.

What can I advertise?

Qualified group promotion or events are allowed as long as the content and graphics are not offensive, political in nature or referencing alcohol or drugs. The Hospitality Services & Campus Restaurants management have the right to reject any submission.
All advertisements will begin on the approved Monday and being removed the following Monday (unless multiple weeks are requested).

What size & how many?

Please prepare 90 inserts each at 4″ wide x 6″ high. Other dimensions will not be accepted. There are no restrictions for paper quality, thickness or color.
You may request that IMPACT design and print your table ads — but you still need to make a reservation for the space here.

Where do I leave them?

Table tents must be delivered to the Hospitality Services & Campus Restaurants main office in the Anderson University Center Building by 5 PM on the Thursday prior to the start date. Insertion of table tents delivered late cannot be guaranteed.
Upon online submission, you will be contacted with the status of your approval and space availability.