The PLU ID card, known as a LuteCard is provided to all Pacific Lutheran University students, faculty and staff.

Your LuteCard is your key to PLU’s buildings, activities and campus restaurants.

Need a LuteCard?

To receive a PLU LuteCard, please do one of the following:

Replacement Cards:

• Email with your name and PLU ID number
• Your card will be mailed to you

First-Time Cards:


Download the GET app or use the online version ( 


Submit a photo ID. To be approved, photos must:

• be a FULL FRONT VIEW of your head and shoulders ONLY
with face filling at least 80% of frame
• be looking straight at the camera (no side profiles).
• be cropped from just above the top of head to collarbone
• have a white or light colored smooth background
• not have other people or objects in the photo.
• be in color (black and white photos will not be accepted).
• have sufficient lighting with no shadows
• not be retouched or otherwise enhance or softened.
• not have brimmed hats or sunglasses (hats may be worn backwards).

This picture is for identification purposes. The picture must clearly identify you.
We reserve the right to decide which pictures are usable.
For more information about ID pictures, contact the LuteCard Office at .


After we receive AND approve your picture, we’ll print your card and mail it to you.
Once it arrives, you’ll need to activate it online or with the app:
Online – go and under Quick Links I Found My Card
On the GET app – under Settings, Is your card lost?

Business Operations Office AUC Room 207

Visit this office for these services:
Temporary Card
Athletic Pass Purchases
Athletic Use Waivers
Attendance Reader Check Out
Bus Pass/Transit Purchases
Key Charge Payments
LuteBucks Refund
Meal Plan Billing Questions

Services on GET

Use the GET app to:

Report a Lost Card

Dining Dollar/LuteBucks

Dining Dollar/LuteBucks

Your LuteCard is your PLU ID and so much more!

  • Dining Dollars: This denomination is included with all PLU meal plans and is accessed with your LuteCard — great for Faculty and Staff also. These are for food purchases only and expire on the last day of classes in May.
  • Meal Plans: All students living on-campus are required to have a meal plan, excluding South Hall residents. Your LuteCard will hold your Dining Dollars.
  • LuteBucks: This denomination will turn your LuteCard into a convenient on-campus debit card and may be used for copying/printing, at all campus restaurants and the Lute Locker. Add LuteBucks to your account with the GET app or at Old Main Market — great for Faculty and Staff also.
  • Building Access: Your LuteCard works as a keycard throughout campus.  The Access Administration Department will prepare your card with custom access levels based on campus living, work, classes and recreation needs.
  • On-Campus Events: Most of PLU’s on-campus events require showing your LuteCard at the door. PLU students often get discounts on tickets to music concerts and various other on-campus events, but only with your LuteCard.
  • Sports Facilities: Your LuteCard will allow you to access to Names Fitness Center and the pool.
  • Library: Your LuteCard is also your PLU library card.

Who gets a LuteCard?

All PLU Students, Faculty, Staff and Retirees are automatically issued a LuteCard.

Departmental affiliates, interns, visiting scholars and temporary employees may be also be issued a LuteCard.

Dependents of some employees may be issued a LuteCard with limited benefits — visit Human Resources.

PLU Alumni may request an Alumni card online.

LuteCard Policies

LuteCard policies are available in the PLU Student Code of Conduct.