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Updated Quarantine Meal Information

Isolation Meals:  Students placed into a Pflueger or South Hall isolation room by the PLU Health Center are only cleared to order meals through PLU Meal Option #2

QTQ Meals:  As of April 1st, students in QTQ as a response to traveling out of state have the choice of Meal Option #3 — ordering through the GET app and picking up the meal in The Commons. See below for more details.

Quarantine Meal Options


  • Meal Option #1 
    • Ordering food or groceries to be delivered from an outside vendor with your own funds. Students in Traditional Residential Halls will need to order food items that do not require kitchen prep or microwaves as there is no access to hall kitchens while in quarantine. If you do not have your own fridge, only purchase non-perishable items.
    • When meeting a delivery person at the hall’s main entrance, a face covering must be worn and extra care should be taken to clean shared surfaces before and after contact.
    • Follow the “trash disposal directions” below to ensure garbage is removed from your room in a timely manner during quarantine.
  • Meal Option #2
    • Ordering meals for delivery through PLU and charged to your meal plan.
    • For those who do not have a meal plan and/or live in South Hall you have the option of adding dining dollars to your account and ordering meals for delivery through PLU during quarantine. Click here to add Dining Dollars online & charge them to your PLU student account. Or you may add them through the GET app using a credit card with an added fee of $2.75.
    • Directions to order quarantine delivered meals through PLU:
      • Order meals for delivery through PLU by using this link above and charge your Meal Plan or Dining Dollars. You are not required to order all three meals; order only the meals you want.
      • Order meals by 10am for today’s lunch and dinner. Breakfast for the following day will be delivered with the lunch order.
        • Orders placed AFTER 10am will automatically be delivered tomorrow.
      • Breakfast and lunch will be delivered between 12pm- 1:30pm daily. Dinner will be delivered between 4:30pm- 5pm daily. The delivery person will leave the meal in front of your door and knock on your door to let you know it has arrived.
      • Wait two minutes before opening the door to permit the delivery personnel time to leave the wing.
      • After your meals, follow the trash disposal directions so that garbage is removed from your room in a timely manner.
  • Meal Option #3 — only for people in QTQ for traveling out of state
    • Currently, students who have traveled out of state and are in QTQ may use the GET app to order a meal from The Commons
    • Observe these protocols:
      • Go to and from the AUC building swiftly
      • Practice social distancing and have absolutely NO person to person contact
      • Pick up your meal in The Commons during regular operating hours
      • Return swiftly to your Residence Hall room to consume your meal
  • Trash Disposal Directions
    • Use a plastic bag liner for your waste container.
    • Prior to pickup, close the bag with a twist-tie or tie bag in a knot at the top to prevent items from leaking or falling out.
    • By 2pm every day, place your garbage bin with the closed bag outside your door for pickup.
    • Once garbage is collected between 2:00–4:00pm retrieve your garbage bin and replace the bag with a clean one.
    • Recycling is not available to those in quarantine and will need to be disposed of after you are cleared.

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