Quarantine Meals


  • Meal Option 1 
    • Ordering food or groceries to be delivered from an outside vendor with your own funds. Students in Traditional Residential Halls will need to order food items that do not require kitchen prep or microwaves as there is no access to hall kitchens while in quarantine. If you do not have your own fridge, only get non-perishable items.
    • When meeting a delivery person at the hall’s main entrance, a face covering must be worn and extra care should be taken to clean shared surfaces before and after contact.
  • Meal Option 2
    • For those who do not have a meal plan and/or live in South Hall you have the option of adding dining dollars to your account and ordering meals for delivery through PLU during quarantine. Click here to add Dining Dollars online & charge them to your PLU student account. Or you may add them through the GET app using a credit card with an added fee of $2.75.
    • Early Arrival students associated with a group or team should contact your coach/advisor for additional details about meals during quarantine.


  • Trash Disposal Directions
    • For all meal options during quarantine follow the trash disposal directions below so garbage is removed from your room in a timely manner during quarantine.
    • Use a plastic bag liner for your waste container.
    • Prior to pick up, close the bag with a twist-tie or tie bag in a knot at the top to prevent items from leaking or falling out.
    • At 2pm every day, place your garbage bin with the closed bag outside your door for pickup.
    • Once garbage is collected between 2–4pm, retrieve your garbage bin and add a new, clean bag to the bin.

Dinner Menu

Dinners will be delivered to your room in your Residence Hall between 4:30pm and 7:00pm.

You will choose Option A or Option B every day — the Option B meal options are designed for those on vegetarian, gluten free and other special diets.

Let us Know if Your Meal was Missing or Incorrect