Daun Wafer

Lead Cook

Anderson University Center - Room Kitchen
  • Biography


From the great state of California is where my love of food evolved. Cooking in the my family’s kitchen later on my own is where I became more creative exploring many ethnic cuisines due to the exposure of several cultures growing up.

I opened my sweet treat business after leaving a food distribution company while enrolled in college studying business and marketing as my major. Then starting my catering company which focused on savory foods where I teamed up with another chef working on yachts. My passion led me in to a different direction focus more on food. Though I would find my way on the other side of the United States in Maryland where I enrolled myself into culinary arts program at a community-college to become a certified chef.
You never could be set to stay in one specific place. My journey brought me to Washington State where I am now employed as a lead cook at Pacific Lutheran University. I love my job and those around me.