Student Life Center's Coffee Chats

The Student Life Center’s staff is excited to have coffee with you!  Though we aren’t able to gather in our typical ways, we are still able to connect in small groups of 5 or less.  All students are invited to sign up to have coffee with a Center’s staff member one time this semester.  We will pay for the coffee and enjoy it outside observing appropriate physical distancing.  Schedule your coffee chat today!

Angie Hambrick

Angie Hambrick is a Black woman committed to modeling #blackjoy. Angie enjoys spending time with her son, The Golden Girls, Americanos with nonfat milk, and buying new pens (her favorites right now are the iBayam Journal Planner Fine Point Markers in 18 colors…)

Nicole Jordan

Nicole Renee Jordan is a Black Queer Woman, who is committed to supporting students who are marginalized. Nicole loves pottery, singing and writing poetry.

Jen Rude

Pastor Jen is a queer Lutheran whose committment to social justice is both rooted in and nurtured by her faith  A fun fact about Jen is that she has climbed Mount Saint Helen’s and brews her own kombucha.

Luke Ruiz

Luke Ruiz is a queer Xicano committed to uplifting, celebrating, and advocating for our LGBTQ+ community. Luke finds joy in the kiki ballroom scene, biking around Tacoma, foraging natural plants in the PNW, and finding the best nail polishes.

Nicole Juliano

Nicole Juliano is a multi-racial women committed to actualizing the intersections of DJS and supporting students in meeting their goals.  When Nicole’s not at PLU you can find her paddling (SUP and outriggers) on one of the many waterways of the PNW.

Magdalena Stickel

Magdalena Stickel

Magdalena Stickel is passionate about mutual aid, abolition, and cooking with and for people as a love language. They love puzzles, dislike snow, and feel just okay about blueberries.